Prevent Antisocial Children by Adventure and Gardening

Author : Humas | Monday, July 08, 2019 16:05 WIB
The participants were participating in the UMM KaCa UMM outbound. (Photo: Special)

"There is no end!" Maybe this sentence was very suitable to be given to the Communication Studies Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) which had never stopped making work and also benefits.

Through the Public Relations (Event Management) practicum program, the group "Costa Consultants" made a new breakthrough by holding an adventure with a cute mascot named Gogo (7/7).

The activity which collaborated with tourism place Tlogoland Lawang Malang Regency was attended by dozens of participants consisting of children and parents. In this activity, children were invited to develop their creativity.

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There are also activities that were done which were painting pots, dance farmers, planting seeds, consulting psychology, theatrical tales displayed by the Indonesian Fairytale Movement (Gendong), until outbound and the presence of UMM KaCa Cars.

Nabella Azhariana, familiarly called Bella, as the programmer of the program "Adventure with Gogo" said that this program was a concern for the condition of children too excited about the gadget at this time.

Because of it, said Bella, many children filled the holiday period by playing gadgets. In fact, addiction to gadgets had an adverse impact on the development of our children. Mainly children became difficult to socialize.

"At least, it can distract children from the gadget. Furthermore, various activities and creativity can develop a child's motor nerves. One other interesting activity is gardening, "said Bella.

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Tlogoland, continued bella, always continued to strive to preserve the environment through greening. So this group was interested in raising this message as a point that is conveyed to visitors.

According to the parents from one of the participants, Ika, was very happy with the holding of an activity like this. Because these activities were very beneficial for early childhood to be more loving and take care of the environment.

"Children who usually play in the Mall or play gadgets can finally enjoy other activities. This can be an alternative activity for children, for example, gardening when at home, "said Ika, a visitor from Sawojajar who participated in the activity. (Win)



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