Cavaliere and Wynstelle, Full Duo of Achievement in Gitasurya Student Choir UMM

Author : Humas | Tuesday, February 26, 2019 14:23 WIB
PSM Gitasurya UMM. (Photo: Special)

The Gitasurya Student Choir (PSM) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) got the champion at the national level choir competition at Universitas Brawijaya some time ago. The Cavaliere Male Choir Team and Wynstelle Female Choir succeed to bring the name of PSM Gitasurya UMM towards the 9th BCF 2019 Grand Championship.

If usually, the Gitasurya UMM sent a joint team consisting of men and women, this time PSM Gitasurya UMM sent two teams choirs, they were the Cavaliere Male Choir and Wynstelle Female Choir. Cavaliere Male Choir was ranked first in the Equal category. While Wynstelle Female Choir was ranked VII for the same category.

The formation of these two different teams was intended so that more members can take part in the competition process through UMM Gitasurya Student Choir. "Let's proceed together in the future better. For better Gitasurya," said Sabrina, The Head of UMM Gitasurya Student Choir when interviewed on Tuesday (26/2) at UMM Campus III Student Center.

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Continued by Sabrina, joining in the choir competition was a routine agenda conducted by PSM Gitasurya UMM. In addition to continuing to hone the skills of its members, this agenda also ensured that the members of UMM Gitasurya PSM continued to gain various achievements for UMM. Unmitigated, she also joined international choir competitions.

Among them in 2015, PSM Gitasurya won five wins at once in Italy. For example the 1st Place (Gold Medal) in Folklore Category at the 1st Puccini International Choir Competition; 1st Place (Gold Medal) in Mixed Category at the 1st Puccini International Choir Competition, and others. It was added a no less proud victory in the country.

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Recent victories in the country were Airlangga University Choir Competition (LPSUA) 2018 - First Place Gold Medal Category Foklore; Airlanggga University Choir Competition (LPSUA) 2018 - 2nd place Gold Medal Category Contemporary, and; Airlangga University Choir Competition (LPSUA) 2018 - 5th place Silver medal Historical Category.

Looks happy and grateful from the two teams when they received the award on stage (9/2). "I have seen a good process and maximum effort from both teams. Hopefully, this process can lead them all to larger programs in the future, "ordered Annas Dwi Satriyo as the Music Director of PSM Gitasurya UMM. (Win)



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