Cak Nun: Muhammadiyah is NU, NU is Muhammadiyah

Author : Humas | Monday, July 06, 2015 10:29 WIB

A presence of national humanism Emha Ainun Najib (often Cak nun) in event “Sinau Nuzulul Quran” (learning Quran) at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) gave a new atmosphere in Malang community. The event held at UMM Helipad, Sunday night (5/7) was very interesting since Emha could elaborate Islamic sectarians into one universal ayahs of Quran.

            “Political parties are indeed man-made. So do Muhammadiyah and NU (Nahdlatul Ulama). It differs from Islam. It comes from Allah. So does Quran. We should not think that we are the truest one,” uttered him.

            For Emha, Muhammadiyah and NU might become hugest Islamic power beating other powers. “The important thing is Muhammadiyah and NU should gather as one. Each other knows what to contribute for nation,” he added.

            Indeed, Emha marked that both Muhammadiyah and NU have no difference, since Muhammadiyah literally means characterizing Muhammad while NU means the Ulema Resurrection. “So, whenever we become Muhammadiyah, automatically we are NU. Otherwise, whenever we become NU, it leads to Muhammadiyah, characterizing Muhammad. Let’s build Indonesia together,” chirped him as being applauded by thousands of audiences.

      Moreover, said Emha, Muhammadiyah and NU will hold the same conference in next August. “Hopefully, the conference will select a great leader who is going to lead better revolution for ummah,” he hoped.

            Adding, he also stated that a manifest of Quran’s values might be seen from various ways. “Providing for the family, generous, establishing a leading university that yields global leadership. They all are manifesting Quran. It shall be our rewards.”

            Thereby, he considered, all UMM’s contributions are included into Quran’s manifest. “This campus is indeed amazing, hopefully, UMM will become global lighthouse.”

            In this event, Emha was along with his band companion, Kiai Kanjeng. Besides singing shalawat songs, the band also performed Mars Muhammadiyah or Sang Surya.

            He also spontaneously invited UMM academicians to get on the stage: Professor of Religion Sociology Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si, Vice Rector III Dr. Diah Karmiyati, P.Si, Assistant Rector of Islamic Studies Dr. Nurhakim, M.Ag, and lecturer of Islamic Studies Faculty Dr. Pradana Boy, M.A.

      While being asked by Emha about the advantages of having Quran sociologically, Syamsul Arifin regarded Quran as societal glue connecting various different groups. “Each group has different ways of religious thinking, yet they all are connected by Quran,” he explained.

            Related to Emha’s visit in Syiar Ramadhan, chief committee Ihyaul Ulum said that community currently need open perspective. “(Being invited in the event) it is directly request from Rector (Muhadjir Effendy). We should maintain the concept of ummatan wasathan, middle point between Muhammadiyah and NU, as well as show our harmony towards community,” said Ulum.

            Indeed, Vice Rector III Diah Karmiyati as Rector Representative told that UMM would always invite Emha annually in Ramadhan. Accordingly, Emha is a talkative figure. “He pleasantly voices the truth and humanity,” said her.

            The event, Sinau Nuzulul Quran bareng Cak Nun dan Kyai Kanjeng, is the follow-up event of Ceramah Nuzulul Quran themed “Science and Quran” by best-seller author “Ayat-Ayat Semesta” Dr. Agus Purwanto last two days, Friday (3/6). These two events are part of Syiar Ramadhan series 1436 H listing agendas since beginning Ramadhan up to Id Fitr. (hant_stu)



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