Pekalongan Regent and UMPP Learn to Manage PT in UMM

Author : Humas | Tuesday, July 09, 2019 15:48 WIB
The atmosphere of the visit of Pekalongan Regent at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (Photo: Zaky/PR UMM)

Pekalongan Regent Asip Kholbihi, S.H., M.Si along with University of Muhammadiyah Pekajangan Pekalongan (UMPP) academics visit University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Tuesday (9/7). Their presence was to learn in managing College (PT). This UMPP was only two weeks old which make it unique.

This campus came from a combination of three Muhammadiyah Universities in Pekalongan. Those were Institute of Health Science (STIKES) Muhammadiyah Pekajangan, Institute of Economic Science (STIE) Muhammadiyah Pekalongan, and Pekalongan Muhammadiyah Ploytechnic. It is officially becoming a university on 29 June.

“Our campus is still small, new and only two weeks old. That’s why we want to learn more in UMM,” said Dr. Nur Izzah, SKp. M.Kes, the Rector of UMPP. During the visit followed by MoU signing, included in some points. Primarily related to the implementation of College Tri Dharma.

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These were including the development of lecture and education programs, student exchanges for study and research, exchange of professors and researchers for research, lectures, and discussions, information exchange including the exchange of library materials and research, seminars and workshops, until journal publication management.

Not just Asip Kholbihi, S.H., M.Si, the Regent of Pekalongan, was present along with the forty people of the group Dr. Nur Izzah, SKp. M.Kes, the UMPP Rector, H. Mulyono Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership (PDM) of Pekalongan Regency, Drs. H. Pasrum Affandi PDM Pekalongan City and Dr. H. Fauzan, M.Pd, UMM Rector.

“I and the group wish that UMM with their good track record and has been crossing the world in education was able to share a little knowledge in our visit this time,” said Asip Kholbihi, SH, M.Si, Pekalongan Regent in his remarks to Dr. H. Fauzan, M.Pd, UMM Rector.

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“As a private campus which the funding sources are from students, so how to attract as many students as possible. So the strategy was with affordable tuition fees and then the name of UMM is well known as a Low-Cost University among the public,” said Fauzan.

Fauzan continued that there would be some dynamics that must be passed in building a college. So that variety of strategies or methods wereneeded, as well as good governance through laying the basis for HR consolidation. The next stage is the normalization of HR, until the structure consolidation.

“This is the corporate culture building that we create. We must have a principle that is finished with ourselves. This means that no one who has not finished taking care of himself is involved in working. Because they will make chaos around them like jealousy and greed,” Fauzan concluded.(joh)



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