The Bojonegoro Regent Achieve a Doctoral Degree at UMM

Author : Humas | Saturday, September 23, 2017 09:22 WIB
Bojonegoro Regent Suyoto during  a doctoral promotion at UMM

INITIATION of local resident could be an inspiration and solution for democracy within national context.  It was delivered by Bojonegoro Regent Suyoto during  a  doctoral promotion at UMM Auditorium on Saturday, September 23.

For Suyoto, democracy could not be effective because it was just procedurally resulted conflict. Therefore, through his dissertation about “Rukun kematian” in Pajeng Village, Gondang district, Bojonegoro Regency, Suyoto wanted to emphasize local values ​​in the village could be a democracy fruit as well as an inspiration for nation.

The dissertation on title "The Construction of Funeral Ritual Meaning as the implementation of Social Virtue values within Bergerian Perspective" it revealed  on how the Pajeng residents did the transformation by reinterpreting the death ritual into a new understanding and made it as a social benefit.

Through his dissertation, Suyoto mentioned that the local residents were originally stirred  due to his death people could be a burden  for his family, because there was a "social obligation" to fulfill death ritual that drained the funds. "That ritual is regarded by the residents as an unproductive activities, poor people will be even poorer,"  Suyoto said.

Based on that fact Suyoto said that the residents initiated to establish  Rukun Kematian (RK) in renewing the practice of death ritual, ensuring that poor people were not getting poorer. In addition, it also ensured that RK had benefited for common good.

After this RK, the family burden whose relatives died not only reduced,  but also very helpful. "For example if there are people who died, then no residents working in the fields, all comes to help the death ritual, such as digging a grave, making  penduso. There is no need to govern, all running alone," Suyoto said.

For Suyoto, the reinterpretation of the death ritual in Pajeng Village was an example of  generative dialogue that took place through three stages, it start with a debate on issues, then continuing through informal kongkow, cangkrukan and jagongan forums. And lastly, there was a forum where resident made a new consensus. "This such a precious fruit of democracy for this nation," Suyoto said.

Suyoto's doctoral graduation was promoted by Prof. Dr. Hotman Siahaan, co-promoter Prof. Dr. Ishomuddin MSi, Dr. Wahyudi Msi and Dr. Rinekso Kartono MSi. Before taking his promotion doctoral at UMM, Suyoto previously had also completed his master's program in this campus, at Master Program of Sociology UMM in 1996.

While from history side, before becoming Bojonegoro Regent, Suyoto had served as Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Gresik in 2000-2004 and a lecturer of Islamic Studies Faculty UMM in 1990-2000. (Naz)



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