Intellectual Capital-titled Book is Released

Author : Humas | Thursday, November 19, 2009




           The book titled Intellectual Capital by Accounting Department lecturer of Economics Faculty (FE) of UMM, Ihyaul Ulum, last Saturday (10/24) it was launched at BAU hall of UMM. The 258 page-book was considered as a rare book because there were no many who had discussed similar theme. "There are rare who wrote this theme, though enthusiasts of intellectual capital studies both for the Undergraduate Program thesis and Masters Program thesis have now become a lot," Ulum, the nickname of the author of this book, said.

           So far, the study of intellectual capital (IC) at UMM has started getting a lot of interest. The indicators are there are many thesis titles that touch issues of intellectual property that is often underestimated by big companies. Dean of Economics Faculty of UMM, Nazarudin Malik, indicated interest of Economics Faculty students about this IC is a kind of positive phenomenon. Thus, it needs a complete reference in the review. "Moreover, there is no book about IC in Indonesia yet. If it is there, it would be imported books in English and it does not touch the case of Indonesia," said Nazarudin appreciating the IC book.

           The theme of IC becomes interesting because there are symptoms of major companies which prefer the physical assets rather than the intellectual ones. They are easy to fire employees who have the intellectual potential due to interaction with the company. "So, if they come out of the company, they also bring intellectual assets that can be used to develop the same business outside. It's quite dangerous," continued Ulum. (nash/t_alf)






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