Divulging Recipes, This is How Bukalapak Helps to Reduce Unemployment in Indonesia

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 13, 2018 12:48 WIB


AVP Public Policy & Government Relation Bukalapak, Bima Laga. (Pho by: Mirza/PR)

INDONESIA has a large and strong digital economic foundation. Bima Laga, AVP Bukalapak's Public Policy & Government Relations, said that this was proven by the number of internet users which reach 132.7 million people. "Internet in Indonesia is very potential for online businesses. This has become a new power in the economy and in reducing unemployment," Bima explained, Wednesday (12/13).


However, it is undeniable that there are still some obstacles in reducing unemployment. One of them comes from yourself. "The open opportunity to sell at Bukalapak for free should reduce unemployment. Yet, there are still those who refrain from using it (selling online)," he explained.


In fact, continued Bima, when he was one of the panelists of the Doctoral Colloquium of Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FEB UMM), selling online had its own advantages. They are: it’s unnecessary to open a physical store, promotional capital, and many more things. Moreover, it is always available 24 hours and the market is certainly wider and unlimited.


Seeing this opportunity, Bima said, Bukalapak has several recipes for beginner online sellers. One of them is the customer driven mindset recipe, which is how to sell by offering the target market needs, not the one that can be a sales seller. Furthermore, it is only a matter of developing products with continuous innovation.


As one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia, in the second year of Bukalapak establishment has only five employees to take care of 10,000 SMEs who are members of Bukalapak.com. Bukalapak sees the share of interest and credibility of Indonesians towards online shopping continually increase. Until the seventh year, Bukalapak had 2,500 employees and 3.5 million Pelapak (sellers at Bukalapak). (ard)



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