Superior Culture Becomes UMM Quality Acceleration from Generation to Generation

Author : Humas | Saturday, May 26, 2018 13:46 WIB
A happy heart creats a great thoughts. It makes the power of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) emerged. Pioneered since 1964, UMM continues to implement acceleration to improve the quality of education.
Imam Suprayogo, a pioneer generation who had served as UMM Vice Rector from 1975-1996 said that the spirit of sincerity became the solid foundation that strengthens UMM.
"When Bismillah is in the heart, then sidiq, amanah and fatonah will accompany and Insyallah will succeed to maintain the superior culture," he explained in Cross-Generation Dialogue "Maintaining Superior Culture" in Dome UMM, (26/5).
Adding the exposure of Imam, UMM Vice Rector II, Nazaruddin Malik conveyed that there is one characteristic that stands out from this white campus which is how UMM combines the value of humanity tauhid value. This is translated into the effort of UMM to maintain its superior culture and to develop strong management from generation to generation.
"So this gives birth to tough people until its millennial generation and the next generation becomes a sustainable pillar of support," he added.
Nazar further asserted that consolidation becomes another thing that is very influential in building a commitment together. So, what the ideals can be achieved immediately. This consolidation is trying to reformat human resources to accelerate more than is needed to achieve the desired goals.
"Within three years, between 1983-1986 happened very fast acceleration. This was also repeated in the years 19986-1990. We should be able to realize the values ​​of Islam in the values ​​of management to accelerate the acceleration of progress like today, "he said.
Nazarkan added that in maintaining the superior culture of how to connect which is believed by previous generations to be able to be translated from time to time up to the last generation in UMM.
"As the sounding of the founding fathers continue to keep the cohesiveness and close the ranks for the leadership of trust and fatonah materialized. If later UMM generation of its predecessor is no longer exist, UMM still exist," he said.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Center for Islamic Studies and Philosophy Center (PSIF), Pradana Boy ZTF, said that in building world power in various times, science becomes the main thing that must be the focus. He cited the world was dominated by three great strengths in his time, namely Rome, Europe and America.
"The power of the world is impossible to build unless it is built on science," he asserted.
Therefore Boy hopes UMM in the future can become bigger, not only physically but also specifically in certain thinking.
"So, the fanatics of UMM is because there is something sought here," he concluded.


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