Get Awards at the Indodax Short Film Festival 2020

Author : Humas | Wednesday, November 25, 2020 15:29 WIB
Film Bumi won an award at the Indodax Short Film Festival 2020 (Photo: Istimewa)

Having a great talent in acting, Arfan Adhi Pradana, a lecturer in Communication Sciences at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) who is also crisscrossing the world of cinema in Malang, has just won the title of Best Actor in the Indodax Short Film Festival 2020. His natural acting is in a film entitled Bumi Meraki Visual's work was rewarded with the title of Best Actor. He plays the role of Pak Ahmad, a teacher who has a student named Bumi.

Bumi, as mentioned in the film, is a child who cannot attend online school because he does not have a cellphone. The post-pandemic policy that requires schools to go through online platforms is indeed a challenge for all levels of society, including Bumi, a child of a farmer in a remote village. Pak Ahmad, as a teacher, finally came up with a solution by providing private classes for Bumi. This four-minute short film successfully won the hearts of the judges and even won three awards at once.

In particular, the Earth film is the work of students guided by Arfan Adhi himself. The team’s name is Meraki Visual. "The Meraki Visual Team consists of 13 students, not all of them have basic audio visuals. Some are from the concentration of public relations. And interestingly, eight of the team’s members have never participated in the shooting process at all, "said Arfan.

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Meraki Visual feels a special challenge. The team consisting of Kiki Rahman Ardiansyah (Ikom AV 2018), Udaimatun Nur Farahin (Ikom PR 2019), Ardian Esa (Ikom AV 2018), M Mizan Sya'roni (Ikom AV 2018), Two Bagus Surya (Ikom AV 2018), Rizaldi Dwi (Ikom AV 2018), Abdul Latif (Ikom AV 2018), Dwi Cahyo Septoadi (Ikom AV 2018), Chu Livia Christine Wijaya (Ikom AV 2018), Reyhan Ramadhan (Ikom AV 2018), M Ammar Nasbahar (Ikom AV 2018) ), and Aldi Novandi Putra (Ikom AV 2018).

Meanwhile, there is also Ainni Firtiani, a new student of Communication Science class 2020 who is part of the Meraki Visual Team. "The process of making this film took about a month, the reading process was up to three times. Most of the teams have never made a film at all. This is interesting. Even though it's their first experience, they can do their best.” said Arfan. The persistence and tenacity of the Meraki Visual team won the titles of Best Actor, Most Views Movie, and Best Director. For this achievement they received a total prize of 35 million rupiah.

There is an interesting story tucked into the process of making this Earth film. Starting from the fun of the team participating in the competency while waiting for the online lecture process to take place at the beginning of the semester, they collaborated to make work together. On the second day of filming, their shooting was stopped due to heavy rain and strong winds. This made them have to postpone filming until the second week. However, like the spirit expressed in their film, that education is an asset for the future, even though they are busy making works, the Meraki Visual team has not left the online lecture process.

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"Before taking the scene where the children were riding a motorcycle and studying in a hut, they first joined in online lectures. I remember that at that time there were those who joined Mr. Isnani's class, there were those who joined Pak Jamroji's class. This is what remains in my mind, they did not leave college even though they were engrossed in making arts. So I'm waiting for them to finish their online lecture first, then take a scene,” he said while laughing. This film work entitled Earth can be watched through the Meraki Visual YouTube channel.

The success of the Meraki Visual Team was something they had not expected. Arfan admitted that despite being their first experience in the competition, they did not have high targets. His only intention was to learn to make short films, because of the pandemic, a AV lab 1 practice in last semester, whose output was to make short films, had to fail to produce.

"The target is actually only the top 15. So, when they were announced as winners and even got three titles at once, they cried together in the zoom, I cried too, "said Arfan. This award according to Arfan also spurred the motivation of the Meraki Visual team, especially for Kiki Rahman Ardiansyah, the director of the film Bumi. Kiki's first experience directing this film succeeded in making him even more convinced to walk the director's path. (wnd / can/ nain)



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