UMM Students Earn 65 Million Rupiahs a Month through Kaw Kaw Thai Tea

Author : Humas | Monday, September 24, 2018 18:03 WIB
Ade Damar Kusuma, Galang Yudhamara and M. Andik Ikhsan Setiawan, students of FEB UMM  successfully earn millions of rupiahs through Kaw Kaw

Ade Damar Kusuma, Galang Yudhamara and M. Andik Ikhsan Setiawan, students of Accounting department, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) successfully earn millions rupiahs by running a business Kaw Kaw Thai Tea.

Ade used to run a juice business, but failed because the weather was unpredictable. Monday (24/9), Ade said, “Last year, I ran juice business. But I incur loss because usually October is rainy that makes fruits were rotten quickly”.

Then, three of them turned their business into Thai Tea, a popular beverage among millennials. To run this business, Andik conducted a research on the ingredients. Although they had to face failures again and again, but they never gave up. After a month, they officially opened a Thai Tea stall with brand Kaw Kaw. “Thai Tea is a famous beverage and there are many Thai Tea stalls in malls. Our brand is new, there are not many Kaw Kaw street in the street”.

Currently, they have 30 branches in Malang, Ngawi, and Probolinggo . They run 10 branches by themselves while the rest is managed by franchise system. The price is only 10.000 to 12.000 rupiahs and there are 4 flavors which are original, original milo, green tea, and green milo. In a month, they can earn around 65 million rupiahs. Ade said,“The gross income is around 65 million rupiahs”.

Ade and his two friends have proved that business does not obstruct people to obtain achievement. Ade admitted that he never found difficulties in class, even Andik became the best graduate in his department. “Andik’s GPA is the highest with cumlaude. I and Galang will graduate soon, insyaAllah”. (lus)



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