Bahasa Indonesia for Foreign Speakers UMM (BIPA UMM) Prepares 20 Foreign Students to Become Indonesian Cultural Ambassadors

Author : Humas | Wednesday, December 20, 2017 15:39 WIB
 One of foreign students presenting about Indonesian culture. (picture by Bani)

Technical Implementation Unit of Bahasa Indonesia for Foreign Speakers (UPT-BIPA) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a Deputation of Indonesia Culture and Tourism activity on Wednesday (20/12). This activity was an integrated test for foreign students who are studying Indonesian language and culture at BIPA UMM.                      

This activity lively held was attended by 20 foreign students receiving Darmasiswa scholarship and scholarship of Developing Countries Conference (KNB) from South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sudan, Palestine and Germany.

Head of UPT BIPA, Dr. Arif Budi Wurianto, M.Si., said that he was quite impressed with the development of foreign students who joined the BIPA program. This is because the students are quite fluent in speaking Bahasa Indonesia in just three months. He said, "Besides, they are not only expected to be able to speak Bahasa Indonesia well and correctly, but also understand the culture and tourism in Indonesia,"

After completing their study at BIPA UMM, the foreign students will become Culture Ambassador (Duta Budaya) for Indonesia in their respective country. Arif said, “This is good for Indonesia because those students at BIPA UMM will be able to help the Embassy of Indonesia to promote culture, tourism and even teach Bahasa Indonesian in their home country,"

One of the students of BIPA UMM, Jasmine from Vietnam, said that she was very interested in this activity because she can learn a lot about Indonesian culture and various kinds of tourism in Indonesia. "Here, I can test my Indonesian language skills whether it is good and true or not, yet there are also many cultures that I learned during the day, such as  traditional clothing, culture, and the traditional food," (lus)



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