Making a Variety of Animal Feed Products, UMM Students Prove that Final Project Is Not Just Completing Obligations

Author : Humas | Monday, December 31, 2018 09:21 WIB
Prof. Dr. Ir. Indah Prihartini, MP shows a variety of animal feed products by her students. (Picture: Aan / PR)

Students of the 5th Semester Animal Husbandry Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) produced a variety of animal feed products. The project in the framework of this final project is an answer that the students of Animal Husbandry Department can not only theorize but also prove to assess their expertise.

That was Prof. Dr. Ir. Indah Prihartini, MP who initiated the final project model that produced real products. The lecturer in the Non-Ruminant Animal Nutrition Science course said that students have a wild imagination and must be facilitated. The result is a lot of livestock food products that are not imaginable before.

"These Students should not become Anak Krakatau mountain who held back their magma to come out. It must be encouraged to dare to pull out everything so that can shake the world," said the UMM professor who is known for his rich research and service. This track record is to be transmitted to students.

The implementation of this final project, students are required to conduct surveys in the field, companies, and look for related reference sources. After the survey, ideas that are executed into products will be expected to sell on the market. Also, it can be included in the Student Creative Program (PKM) or Livestock Business Practice (PUP).

Indah as the lecturer in supervising her students so that when the product is ready can sell on the market. "The willingness of students is so great with this idea of Final Project. They really need facilities to implement the idea," Indah said.

Dr.Ir. Asmah Hidayati, MS as the Head of Animal Husbandry Department appreciates Indah's steps. He said that this step was an embodiment of knowledge that had been taught to students of UMM Animal Husbandry Department. Asmah hopes that this student product will be known many farmers so that the value of its benefits is broader.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP UMM), Dr. Ir. David Hermawan, MP., IPM appeals to lecturer especially those who hold professors like Indah to implement learning like this. "Students must practice a lot so that their knowledge is useful, at least 70% practice 30% theory," said David. (Win)



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