Together with Young Entrepreneur, UMM Create Entrepreneur Students

Author : Humas | Thursday, June 27, 2019 10:49 WIB
One of the material session. (Photo: Silvi/PR UMM)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) as an associated campus with entrepreneurship is getting popular. This is proven by the chosen of UMM as the collaboration partners in the 10th Diplomat Success Challenge 2019 event / (DSC|X) initiated by Wismilak Foundation along with coworkingspace.

 “Not just well cooperation and full facilities, the number of success students and alumni in entrepreneurship were considered,” said Head of Division Career Development of Students and Alumni (PKMA) UMM Dr. Fien Zulfikarijah, MM, in UMM Wednesday (26/6).

By presenting some successful young entrepreneurships in their respective fields such as Yoga Surya Pratama as the founder of DeKonco Chocolate Tempe and Rizky Boncel as a Contentpreneur, the event was interactive.

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Injecting enthusiasm to the students, Yoga shares his story on how he got rejected when he markets his product for the first time. “At first, I was rejected too. A little number of customers. I’ve experienced to sell one product in a day,” said this man who born in Malang, 28 September 1993.

Not give up easily, every failure or deficiency that emerges in his business journey, makes Yoga learn more things. From that, he realized the importance of metamorphosis in the business world.

 “So, it will be done after some processes. For example, there are something is lacking, we have to add some. Lack of variants, just adds more. These processes make us perfect,” he said.

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Not just learning to maximize the owned products, other things that need to be considered according to Yoga is motivation in running a business.

 “My motivation was I need money at the time. I have a big dream and desire. If I work, it is hard to pursue my dream. So we need to have a clear target. Not just business, market, but also the target of life,” he said.

Igniting encouragement to be young entrepreneurship, Rizky Boncel persuades the students to start their first step and fulfill their business ideas.

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 “If it is not yet started, let’s start it. If it is already started, let’s develop it, we have to be together and collaborate. For those who don’t have an urge to create a business, I wish they will have that urge. After having a business later, I wish they will have employees. After having employees, I wish they will have a good wish from their employees,” said Rizky.

Besides sharing tips and solutions about entrepreneurship with a young entrepreneur, DSC|X 2019 was also socialized the tips for submitting proposals for Indonesian youth in developing creative and innovative business ideas. The chosen will receive a capital grand of Rp 2 billion in realizing the business.

Dr. Fien Zulfiikarijah said this event has full support from the campus and in line with the means to fulfill the number of entrepreneur students that need to be owned by the university. “Right now, Dikti (Directorate General of Higher encourage or oblige every university to increase the amount of the entrepreneur students. Now, the minimum number of students were 10 percent entrepreneur students in every university,” he said. (joh)



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