Bernadeta Kobogau: Often Mistaken as Foreign Student

Author : Humas | Monday, September 14, 2015 16:55 WIB

BERNADETA Kobogau is a freshman in the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) from Timika, Papua. She shared her experience about being mistaken as a foreign student at her first time in the campus. “It’s funny, someone greeted me in English,” she said. People usualy call her Deta.

Deta began her journey to malang in early July. She gathered all information about UMM from her sibling who has finished undergraduate and master program of sociology at UMM. “My sibling really recommended me to study here instead of other universities,” she stated.

Deta was absolutely convinced by her sibing’s statement about the quality of UMM. “When my sibling came home, I was given a guide book of study at UMM. I read it entirely,” she recalled.

Abundant of news and information about UMM on the internet got her more and more sure about her choice. She is now a student of Bahasa Indonesia Department of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) UMM. Being a teacher in her hometown is a goal that keeps her enthusiastic about her chosen field.

For Deta, being a teacher is a noble dream. “Seeing poor quality of education in my hometown aroused my sense of caring. I have to struggle in this city of education,”  said her passionately.

According to her, the reason why she really interested in being part of UMM is not only because UMM has well-developed and being part of education city, but also UMM has a popular tagline ‘Jas Merah Kampus Putih’ or ‘Red Jacket White Campus’.

Ever since she took care of her registration, she has been really amazed by UMM and the city of malang. “People here are really friendly and the registration workflow is easy to follow,” she uttered.

“My new friends here occasionally ask me taking picture together. They said I am unique,” she said with laughter. During her time in Students Orientation, she got more friends. According to her, the program is not as scary as what common people said. ‘The Student Orientation here is fun,” she stated.

The Students Activity Unit (UKM) Muhammadiyah Choir (PSM) is one of the extracurricular activites she wanted to enroll during her time in UMM. “I want to get knowledge and experience as much as I can and bring them home,” she said.


She hoped that her friends and families can study at UMM. She also expected UMM to make more progress and to score better and wholesome generation. “I love UMM!” She exclaimed with a wide smile. (fid/han/t_far)      



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