Three UMM Nursing Alumni Have a Chance to Develop Their International Career in Japan

Author : Humas | Monday, November 04, 2019 10:36 WIB

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Nursing Department Alumni in the near future will go to Japan. Their departure was in order to work as a professional nurse (caregiver) in Takasaki region, a city in Gunma Prefecture for one month. They are Mustika Deni Pradana (S1 Nursing Alumni), Ika Wahyu Purwaningsih and Eki Demi Pangastuti (D3 Nursing Alumni).

Their departure was a follow-up collaboration with Duta Mandiri Indonesia (DMI) Foundation. “Their activity in Japan will be a Caregiver, taking care of clients who experiencing obstacles in fulfilling their daily needs,” said Chairul Huda Al-Husna as the UMM Nursing Staff. If they keep their good work, they will have the chance to be contracted for five years.

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The nursing internship program will learn about the nursing material for the first month in Takasaki. The next month, they will work as usual in a hospital. After that, they will go to the next hospital in Gunma region. “Before the departure, we already prepared as much as possible. In the beginning, we will learn Japanese for each regional,” said Mustika Deni Pradana.

In the Japanese language proficiency test, they have several levels. For the beginner is N5 until the highest N1. So that the participant who passed the level will be quarantine in Tulungagung, “After that the participant will be sent to mansetsu or will be interviewed directly by Japanese native speaker,” said Deni, Wednesday (30/10) afternoon.

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 “The preparation from the Duta Mandiri Indonesia Foundation is to oblige us at least to achieve the N3 certificate to ease the communication in Japan later. It is because the higher level of language understanding can ease us when communicating while working later in Japan,” said Deni before the departure. (joh)



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