Thanks to Sago, This UMM Students Represent East Java in National Pilmapres

Author : Humas | Wednesday, April 10, 2019 11:19 WIB
Dita between two lecturers who accompanied her during the competition. (Photo: Istimewa)

Outstanding Students Selection(Pilmapres) of Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI) inaugurate Management Department students University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Dita Fomara Tuasikal as the first champion in East Java (Jatim), in Grand Whiz Trawas-Mojokerto (2/4).

This 2016 student eliminate another participant from fifty private universities (PTS) under the Private University Coordination (Kopertis) VII East Java Region. Dita picks out a concept of social economic development, which is Food Independent Village and Energy through food sources and alternative energy.

Through the papers titled “Multi-Function Concept to Support Independent Village: An Optimization of Sago Potencies by means of Realizing Food Independent Village and Energy Based on Sociopreneurship” said Dita, as one of the representatives of East Java Province in a National Event Pilmapres soon.

Indonesia has the largest sago areal in the world for about 1.128 million hectares. But, the utilizations were not optimal which reach only 11% of the total Indonesia reserved sago starch. Indonesia is the biggest sago producer in the world, but the most serious country in developing the sago is Japan.

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Next, sago (Metroxylon sagu) is a carbohydrate source like rice. One portion of rice for about 100 grams is equivalent with 40 grams of sago flour. If sago potency can be utilized wisely as an alternative food, Indonesia should not need to import rice for about 861.601 tons.

Not just that, she said, ela pulp is a waste after sago harvest. It contains 80% ethanol which meets the requirements of perfect combustion so that can be alternative energy in the form of bioethanol. Pelauw Village in Haruku Island sub-district Middle Maluku district is the place of the research.

 “Such a waste, with so much sago potential, the villagers still depend on rice and fuels from Ambon city. Even though there are almost no rice productions in the whole Maluku. Moreover, the scarcity of fuel was very often that the people need to go to the main island to buy kerosene,” she explained.

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Dita admitted, she was well prepared by the university. Started from the presentation in front of the rector until to the classes. It is also prepared a special team, such as in personality aspect there was a lecturer from the Faculty of Psychology, and also a special lecturer of appearance who assesses performance during presentations, until the fashion.

The preparations before the event were well prepared for 2 weeks, and one intensive week. “Started from proposal revision, English presentation, personality, attitude until the special teams in supervising and guiding,” said Dra. Titiek Ambarwati, MM as the Pilmapres UMM advisor.

Not just UMM, there were seven universities that passed in representing East Java to the national level. They were Catholic University of Widya Mandala, Petra Christian University, International University of Semen Indonesia (UISI), Surabaya University, Ciputra University, University of Muhammadiyah Surabaya, and Unida Gontor. (joh)



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