Through LSO Robotika, Ikhlal Aldhi Wijaya Scents Indonesia Internationally

Author : Humas | Friday, August 25, 2017 13:22 WIB
Ikhlal Aldhi Wijaya take a photo with the robot he created

Success in scenting Indonesia’s name internationally by winning international robot contest in the United State of America (US), Ikhlal Aldhi Wijaya did not forget academic achievement. It has been proven, students of Electrical Engineering Department UMM who will be graduated tomorrow on Saturday, August 26, with a 3.60 grade point average (GPA) and will be nominated as the best graduate in his department.

"Having an opportunity to study at UMM is very fun. The campus facilitates students to work, not only for those who have achievement, but also for those who are just following the race. In addition, the relationship between lecturers and students have a connection, so that students are  feel comfortable in academic activities," he said.


The most memorable experience for Ikhlal during his study was the final of Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest (TCFFHRC) 2017 in the US, with his two friends of UMM Electrical Engineering students namely Salis Muchtar Fadhilah and Imam Fatoni had succeeded in defeating finalists from Canada, Tiongkok, Israel, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, and the US at international robot contest. Throuhg this achievement, Ikhlal, the UMM Rector and his two friends were invited by President Joko Widodo at the 2017 Indonesia Achievement Festival to receive Indonesia Achievement Icon Appreciation.

The behind story of Ikhlal's achievement did not just happen suddenly. It began at the first of his beginning study, when he joined the Semi Autonomy Institute (LSO) Robotics UMM. Ikhlal told, the first robot he made can only run according through specified path. "its name was RobotLine Follower, it just can follow its line race," said this student from Balikpapan. Ikhlal were motivated that making a robot was an amazing activity. "The guy who can make the robot is cool!" he exclaimed.

The process to be a world champion was  not easy. Ikhlal said with his two friends, they had  to get rid of many opponents from other universities who more experienced in the field of robotics. Actually, every university submitted a proposal about robot to be created. After it been approved, each team had to report its progress. Not all approved proposals passed to compete at regional level. At the Regional Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI), the UMM team has succeed in achieving as the top three and represented East Java and Bali at the national level.

Success at the national level, Ikhlal and his teammate were believed in representing Indonesia to compete with other robots from all over the world. "The opportunity at international level we did not waste it, right after that we immediately prepared to fight robots from other countries. Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah), all our efforts were accepted by becoming winner of world championship, "he said (Naz)



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