UMM BEM-U Invites Students to Be Aware of Today's Youth Challenges

Author : Humas | Friday, October 26, 2018 16:03 WIB
Fajrin Fadlillah was explaining materials. (taken by: Mirza/UMM PR)

The DEMOGRAPHIC BONUS that Indonesia will be received in 2030 will certainly be of particular concern to the Government and society. It means Indonesia will have more productive age citizens. It can be said that the number of youth is more than the number of other people ages.


The Student Executive Board of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (BEM-U UMM) paid more attention to this situation. Through the Ministry of Politics, Law and Human Rights, BEM-U held a Public Discussion on Youth Pledge, Friday (10/26). On this event, Fajrin Fadlillah, Political Editor of Media Student invited the participants to live up to the youth pledge.


"Today, what we are doing is limited to euphoria. It is only a celebration. In fact, until the Youth Pledge happened, there is a great spirit that we can take," explained the man from Banten. According to Fajrin, a struggle certainly cannot be done individually. It must be together or in a group.


The demographic bonus Indonesia will be gotten in 2030 will certainly be a new challenge for Indonesian youth. The number of young people certainly must be balanced with the understanding of youth regarding their role. So, the reflection of Youth Pledge day certainly is not only an euphoria.


The Youth Pledge, continued the man who is also the activist of Malang Raya movement, should be a moment for young people to reflect on the nature of struggle especially educated youth or students who have responsibility for society.


Fajrin continued, some other spirit that could be taken from the Youth Pledge was the awareness of social responsibility and cooperation to achieve independence completely. "If it is contextualized with us today, certainly, do not be lulled by the comfortable facilities. We have to be aware," Fajrin concluded. (ard)



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