UMM BEM Boosts National Movement of 1000 Startup Digital

Author : Humas | Friday, January 13, 2017 22:23 WIB
 The Speakers were paneled related to startup digital development issues

NATIONAL movement of 1000 Startup Digital cooperated with the Student Executive Body (BEM) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to motivate students in building a startup business, Friday (13/1). This event  was held in the auditorium of the General Administrative Bureau (BAU), presented practitioners as UMM’s graduates who had long been struggling in the creative industries. Among them Coordinator of Malang Creative Fusion Vicky Arief, CEO of Utero Group Dadik Wahyu, CEO of Paperplay Study Mochammad Yusuf, also presented the Laboratory of Information UMM Engineering Head Eko Budi Cahyo.

"The National Movement of 1000 Startup Digital is  movement to realize the potential of Indonesia to be the Digital Energy of Asia in 2020 creates 1000 startups to be solutions over various problems by utilizing digital technology," said Afrizal Novian, Head of Business Development, Beon Intermedia in front of dozens UMM students.

This movement was initiated by KIBAR and supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia (Kominfo RI). KIBAR itself was a company that aimed to build an ecosystem of technology in Indonesia through capacity building initiatives, mentoring and incubation in various cities.

The Hero of Digital, Afrizal added, was the program to increase positive local content for Indonesia that to be more educated in technology. One of them to online UKM businesses in Indonesia. Through this program, students were also boosted for joining to help in creating UKM’s website businesses freely.

"Most of them, especially those from rural regions, do not understand how to use the internet, how to sell on the internet and chose to focus on their nowday business ways, "Afrizal said.

Furthermore Afrizal deplored, there were 4500  UKM’s people in Malang, still few of them sell their products via startup system startup. "In fact, there are many people both able and understand the way to sell on internet, but do not have a product to sell. Like you all, " Afrizal said.

If you want to be startup businessmen, Afrizal described, must follow five stages that were absolutely must be taken, namely the stage of Ignition or interpreneurship mindset planting. The second was the workshop, namely briefing basic skills which was required in making digital startup. The third was Hackprint, or the formation of complementary skills team to make prototype product. The fourth,  Bootcamp or depth coaching alongside mentor to prepare product launching.

"The last is the incubations, namely advanced coaching till finally are ready to be part of digital startup ecosystem. We are waiting for your great ideas, "he concluded. (Can / han)



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