Students Executive board of Faculty of Agriculture and Husbandry Recommends Arboretum to Society

Author : Humas | Monday, December 19, 2016 17:06 WIB

FPP BEM tree planting with the society.

The effort of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to intensify green and clean movement got positive response from the students. Students Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) held massive planting tree in Arboretum of FPP UMM (19/12). BEM FPP asked the students and the society to care for the environment.

The chairman of the tree planting, Asrul R Lino said the community is also part of the actors in environmental conservation. By collaborating with communities, FPP want to convey the message that preserving and protecting the environment is a shared task at all levels of society. "Not only students and campuses are in charge of protecting the environment, but the wider community also has a significant role," said the Forestry Study Program students.

The chief of the event, Asrul R Lino, said that, the society also took part in environmental conservation. By collaborating with the society, FPP conveyed that environmental conservation was the responsibility of all, both society and the students themselves. “The ones who have responsibility to take care of the society are not only the people in campus but also the people of the society. both of them have big role in making better environment”.

The event, the committees provided 4200 seedlings which would be planted by the participants. The seedling were Javanese endemic plants. Asrul said,“Java Island has the most endemic plants comparing to other islands in Indonesia. Besides, we also want the society to know about any kind of plants which are endemic in Java island”.

Asrul stated that by presenting this event, FPP would like to familiarize deeper about arboretum. “People need to know that there is a plant conservation that can be used by the society”.

According to Asrul, one of reasons why natural disasters happened lately were caused by the lack of understanding of the society about the need of environmental caring and they did not really care about environmental devastation. “People need to know that the environment will be maintained and be able to anticipate natural disaster”.

The event began with a healthy exercise, then a leisurely stroll that ended at the Village Square Pendem, Junrejo District, Kota Batu. Less than 1,000 participants consisting of students, people of society and environmental activists joined this event.

In the future, FPP would hand over the maintenance of arboretum FPP UMM to forestry study program but BEM FPP still had responsibility in concept and execution. Asrul continued, “In the future, the maintenance of this arboretum will be managed by Forestry department”. (Jal / han)



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