BEM UMM Encourages Students to be Entrepreneur from Young Ages

Author : Humas | Friday, May 05, 2017 06:38 WIB
Founder AYE.CO was describing business design in Kickstar event held by BEM-U UMM.

Being a businessman who had turnover of tens millions did not have to wait for old age. As long as having creative spirit, so young entrepreneurs were not a dream. This is the creative virus distributed by Aye & Co founder, Audrio Susanto and CEO of, Eduardus Adityo on seminar entitled "Time to Change Inspiration Become Creative" conducted by Student Executive Board (BEM) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Wednesday (3/5) ) in UMM Auditorium.

On this occasion, students who present were equipped with entrepreneurial skills and survive in the midst of many competitors. Audrio said, in today's digital era, promoting and sharing through social media became an absolute thing done by entrepreneurs. "Promoting and sharing today is much easier. Maximize the gadgets we have. Promotion through social media, websites, and magazines," he said.

In addition, a powerful way to introduce products and brands was to follow various events. Audrio also shared tips to survive in the midst of many competitors. "Never be satisfied, open to criticism, find problems and arrange problem solving, appreciate work and creations of others, not plagiarism," said Audrio.

Meanwhile, Eduardus who had been known by the business of branded clothing Elhaus was more emphasis on the importance of relationships and a broad insight in entrepreneurship. "High or low education is not the main factor determining the success of entrepreneurs. But, with education, you will have a broad insight. In addition, establish relationships with many people, this will facilitate your process of pioneering the business," said Eduardus who were sharing his experiences.

BEM UMM President, Faiz Mirwan Hamid, revealed that this seminar was a series of peaks of BEM's work program. Furthermore, the activity entitled Education Fair was started with community service followed by 20 students from 10 faculties. Devotion was done by running some mentoring activities in Ngantang village, Malang regency, such as counseling healthy lifestyle, cultivation of agriculture and animal husbandry, and education to schools.

The second set of entrepreneurial seminars collaborated with Nescafe. Then, as a form of application, the third series and also the top was Night Culture stage which would be held on Monday to Tuesday (15-16 / 5). This event would feature typical regional arts which were also equipped with a bazaar. Here, entrepreneurship seminar participants could apply their knowledge by selling the idea of practicing their business ideas on available booths. The best business ideas would get funding 50 million to expand its business.

"Hopefully, seminar participants are able to increase their creativity and create innovative business concept considering very difficult job field. Students should be able to create jobs for themselves and others," said Faiz who is a student of Social Welfare Program 2013. (Ich / han)



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