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Author : Humas | Tuesday, June 23, 2015 09:35 WIB

THE LECTURING may not always be conducted in class room. One of the alternatives is in the Arboretum UMM. This exhibition-based lecturing is proposed the lecturer of Advanced Botany (BTT) subject of Biology Department of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), DRS. Wahyu Prihanta, M.Kes.

On Sunday (21/6), he persuaded students to exhibit posters and herbaria. According to him, this model of learning is indeed more effective. “Nowadays it is unnecessary for lecturers to be ‘know-it-all’ figures. Conventional way of learning may lead them into passive students,” he said.

He added that he attempted to provide students with innovative learning atmosphere, back to nature, and train students to live in tough era. This exhibition implies ask and answer method that students are able to visit each other’s poster stand in order to share information regarding observed plants.

“It is crucial to share knowledge each other. If we learn taxonomy of plants by memorizing, it takes a week for the hundreds term stay in our memories. Since we use this concept and are much involved in, all the knowledge fossilized,” said Nur Afifah, one of the students.

 The same thing was also uttered by another student, Imam. For him, this kind of learning is indeed difficult because at the beginning they have to compete in choosing the genus and famili of the plants which should be different for each group, to take photos of the plants, to conduct literary study, to make posters, to plant, and to make herbaria. “But it can’t be denied that this kind of learning motivates me to keep learning and adding my nature awareness,” he said.

“This learning can be conducted anytime, anywhere, by anyone, using anything. The point is there are three steps should be done by lecturers and students, they are: knowing self-potential, using surrounding potentials, and developing them,” said the Head of Biology Students Association, Dhany.

Previously, the 4th semester students has conducted observation on ferns and seed-producing plants. Armed by internship (PKL) in Pacitan and Pronojiwo Forest Lumajang, the students recognize many kinds of plant which area later be identified in taxonomy.(zul/han/t_far)


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