Comparative Study at UMM, Madura Univeristy: We Want to Learn From Our Family

Author : Humas | Wednesday, January 22, 2020 08:38 WIB

Vice Rector III of Madura University, Ir. Yudi Heryadi, M.MA in the agenda of Madura University comparative study at UMM. (Photo: Special/Bestari)

Since it was decided by the Director General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Research and Technology in April 2019, the Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM) as a foster university keep on conducting intensive mentoring to ten other universities. One of them is Madura University, East Java.

"We want to learn from 'our parents' about student fields management and of course about universities in UMM," said Vice Rector III of Madura University, Ir. Yudi Heryadi, M.MA. when visiting UMM (21/1). Coming together with a group of intra-campus activists and leaders, Yudi said that UMM was one of the universities with a good image.

Dr. Sidik Sunaryo, SH., M.Si., M.Hum, UMM Vice Rector III revealed that UMM always maintained communication between students and leaders. "In UMM, if students want to face the Rectoror other leaders it is not difficult, they will also be given access to directly contact via WA," he said. This is expected to maintain good communication. In addition, various things that must be corrected as soon as possible will be quickly responded.

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However, Sidik revealed that there were consequences to be faced at UMM. If students achieve something, of course it will be appreciated. But if they violate the rules, they will be given sanctions. "This is not just a regulation, but it is implemented. There was already an example yesterday," he said.

UMM also gave high appreciation for outstanding students in the international level in the form of free thesis. However, not a few of those who still want to do a thesis like other students. "When asked why, they answered because they wanted to learn more at UMM," for example.

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For student activities, Sidik explained that the campus supports every funding. But its nature is to help, not fulfill. This method is done so that students have an independent and responsible attitude.

This visit was then continued at the Student Center to see various facilities provided by UMM for its students. Also, there was a discussion session for intra-campus activists at Madura University with administrators of the University Student Executive Board (BEM-U) and the UMM University Student Senate (SEM-U). (joh)



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