Defend to Women Right, Central Board of Aisyiyah educates its Citizen to be Paralegal

Author : Humas | Friday, November 11, 2016 13:55 WIB
Training: Regional executive of Aisyiyah entire provinces in Indonesia attended Paralegal Training at UMM Auditorium. Photo: Distya 
 ATTENTION of Aisyiyah against women and children issues  had encouraged the Law and Human Right Council of Central Board (PP) of Aisyiyah to hold Paralegal Training. Followed  by 25 regional executive member of  Aisyiyah (PWA) entire 34 Provinces in Indonesia. The agenda held on Friday-Sunday (11-13/11) at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Auditorium.  The Agenda  takes the theme "Strengthening the Role of Aisyiyah in Assistance and Settlement of Legal Issues against Women and Children".
Representatives from each province would be educated to be a paralegal, so as to provide  the legal assistence if there are problems related to rights violations against women and children. Chief of Law and Human Rights Council PP Aisyiyah, Dr Atiyatul Ulya M.Ag expressed within a century of Aisyiyah, many peoples already know the role of Aisyiyah like education, health, orphanages and other fields.
In the legal sphere,  Aisyiyah members have been advocating to assist in solving various women issues that happen among citizen. According to Atiyatul Ulya it must be strengthened.
Currently Aisyiyah has had 10 Legal Aid Institute (LBH) throughout Indonesia. Three of them has   bagged the accreditation, namely LBH Malang, Central Java, and Jakarta. This is the reason why this even was centered in Malang.
"Entering the second century, we encourage Aisyiyah more struggling in legal issues lately happen to women. One of our efforts is through this paralegal training, "he explained.
Some legal experts attend as speakers, among them the head of the National Legal Development Agency Ministry of Law and Human Rights Prof Dr Enny Nurbaningsih SH MHum, Chief of  Subcommittee on Recovery System Development National Commission on Violence against Women Commisioner (Komnas Perempuan) Indri Suparno.
Chief of PP Aisyiyah Dra. Hj Siti Noordjannah Djohantini MM, MSi said, the training held at UMM is to synergy among persyarikatan. UMM has the tagline From Muhammadiyah to the Nation, so its good when UMM link up with one of the autonomous organization Muhammadiyah, namely Aisyiyah, "he said.
In the eyes of Noordjannah, human have a sense of lack, there are signs of progress in itself. Similarly to Aisyiyah, addressing cases of women and children are often reported in the media today, Noordjannah expressed Aisyiyah must be responsive. Aisyiyah, must be a problem solver and the solution creator . This spirit has been implanted in Mars Aisyiyah that always echoed in each of the activities, the spirit of progressive female.
UMM Rector, Fauzan expressed his gratitude for the willingness of PPA to trust  UMM as a venue for events. He hoped that the training come to carry out the mandate and serve the community. 


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