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Author : Humas | Monday, August 12, 2019 11:06 WIB
Muhammadiyah Central Management Secretary Dr.  H. Agung Danarto, M. Ag. (Photo: Rino/PR UMM) 

Progressing Islam is a form of transformation of Al Maun to bring da'wah and tajdid in the struggle for public life, nationality, and humanity. The progressive and enlightening Islamic religion is a manifestation of the religious views that originate in the Qur'an and As Sunnah by developing ijtihad in the midst of modern life in the complex 21st century.

"A progressive Islam is seeding the seeds of truth, goodness, peace, justice, benefit, prosperity, and the virtues of living dynamically for all humanity," the main message outlined by Muhammadiyah Central Executive Secretary Dr. H. Agung Danarto, M. Ag. in the opportunity to be a preacher of Eid al-Adha prayer in the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Helipad field, Sunday (10/8) morning.

"Islam that upholds human glory, both men and women without discrimination. Islam that fosters anti-war, anti-terrorism, anti-violence, anti-oppression, anti-backwardness, and anti in all forms of destruction on earth, such as corruption, abuse of power, crimes against humanity, exploitation of nature, and various kinds of evil that destroy the lives of humanity,"explained Agung.

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Islam that positively, continued Agung, gave birth to the primacy of the diversity of tribes, races, nations, groups, and cultures of humanity on earth. The progressive character of Islam has provided a dynamic force in confronting Islam with the times. In confronting Islam over the reality of the era, ijtihad was developed by using reason and science.

Islam in the struggle with life throughout the ages, continued Agung, must be realized in charity. Islam highly upholds charity, parallels faith and science. So that Islam is present in understanding balance and at the same time grounded in life. In a concrete life, there is no other manifestation of Islam, except in pious deeds.

"Islam has a view of the society it aspires for, namely the true Islamic community. In the message of the Qur'an, the Islamic community is idealized as the embodiment of the khaira ummah (best ummah) which has the position and role as the ummahatan washatan (middle ummah), and martyr alannas (historical actors) in human life, "said Agung.

Islamic society is a society in which the teachings of Islam apply and animate all areas of life characterized by first, godless and religious. Second, brotherhood or ukhuwah. Third, moral and civilized. Fourth, sharia law. Fifth, welfare. Sixth, deliberation. Seventh, try. Eighth, progress. Nine, leadership. Tenth, orderly.

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Thus the Islamic community displays a middle style that gave birth to a balanced format of culture and civilization. "The aspired Islamic society has the same character as the advanced, just, prosperous, democratic, independent, civil society, dignified, sovereign and noble people, who are imbued with Divine values," explained Agung.

Islamic society as a Madani force upholds religious pluralism and takes sides in the interests of all elements of society, peace, and non-violence. "As well as being a big tent for groups and all groups of people without discrimination," said Agung.

Meanwhile, related to the supply of sacrificial animals, UMM has prepared 7 cows and 13 goats. This sacrificial animal is distributed to several points, such as in the UMM missionary area in South Malang, as well as a number of points in the placement of students of the Real Work Lecture. In addition, of course, it was distributed to the surrounding community of Campus III UMM.

White Campus itself performs Eid al-Adha prayers in two different places. Eid Al-Adha Prayer at UMM Campus III Jalan Tlogomas was led by Ustadz Anry Oktapiansyah, S.Sy. While on UMM Campus II Jalan Bendungan Sutami, Azhar Muttaqin, M.Ag, acts as a preacher, while the imam is Ustadz Wahyu Hidayat. (joh)



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