This is how Islam Views Human Rights

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 18, 2018 11:17 WIB


Prof. Dr. Ishommudin, M.Si in podium. (Photo by: MIrza/PR)

Talking about Human Rights condition in Indonesia always becomes the interest topic to be debated because upholding and fulfilling human rights for 265 million Indonesians are always inequality.

This year, National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) was iven a red report card by the public. This is related to the increasing number of cases of social inequality which have an impact on the non-enforcement of human rights.

Besides, human rights is interesting if it is studied through an Islamic perspective. Human rights, referred to as a right that has been owned by every individual since the spirit embedded in him is bestowed by Allah SWT.

"Surely, humans are created by inheriting divine attributes, but God gives them choices," said Prof. Dr. Ishommudin, M.Sc at the BEM UMM National Human Rights Seminar, Monday (17/12).

Furthermore, Ishomuddin explained about HAM in every person comes from the heart. When the heart is unsatisfied, especially to the human physic, then it is human right violations.

 “A person forgets that since they were created, they had been given the nature which always wants to satisfy and be greedy. This trait will be wilder if it is not controlled by logic," Ishomudin said.

Islam as a whole has taught how to apply human rights everyday. The existence of differences valued is a form of upholding human rights.

Moreover, continued Ishomudin, enforcing human rights can be started by deciding and destroying things that are not in accordance with the norms in social life, which brings badness to social life.

"Appreciating differences and fighting against wrongdoers is actually an easy thing to do for every ummah as an individual," Ishomudin concluded in a presentation attended by students from various departments.

Other speakers were Haris Azhar, Executive Director of the Lokataru Foundation and Rocky Gerung, Researchers at the Democracy Education Association (P2D). The two figures also provoked students to loudly tell the truth. (ard)