Indonesian Linguistics Expert Provokes UMM to Preserve Indonesian Grammar

Author : Humas | Tuesday, July 17, 2018 14:53 WIB

Prof. Rustono, one of Indonesia linguistics experts in the Expert Dialog themed Pragmatics in Sociocultural Dynamic in Industrial Reformation Era in UMM on Tuesday (17/7)

There is no ending to learn languages. As for Professor Rustono, an Indonesian Linguistics expert, learning language never has an ending. Prof. Rustono who was born in Brebes said, “Learning language is not enough only in one level of education”.

I the midst of the era which uses content creation as a profession, Prof. Rustono who is a lecturer in State University of Semarang (UNNES) mentioned that whoever works or learns about language must understand carefully about it. For someone who is a former of Head of Master of Language and Education UNNES said, “The ones whose work related to language need to understand the context and grammar”.  

On the dialog themed “Pragmatics in Social Dynamic in Industrial Revolution Era in BAU Hall University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Tuesday (17/7), Prof. Rustono who is also the Assistant Rector for Academic Affair of UNNES gave examples of the misuse of addressing something which we often hear in national level, in mosque, and rural areas. For instance, in Bahasa Indonesia we often hear “Ampunilah dosa-dosa kami (forgive our sins)”. According to Prof. Rus explained that that sentence means we ask for God’s forgiveness for our sins we’ve done. Meanwhile, the correct one is we ask for God’s forgiveness for ourselves, not our sins. It should be “forgive me for the sins I have done”.

Prof. Rus who wrote Basics of Pragmatics book encourages all academic doers to learn grammatical contexts. So, they can use language correctly. Using language based on grammatical correction will not make the conversation stiff. On the other hand, it avoids misunderstanding. “Language is hard to learn. It will be great if we can conquer that”.

The presence of Prof. Rus was appreciated greatly by UMM Rector, Fauzan. Fauzan believed that all participants gained so much knowledge from this dialog. “We all have to be grateful attending this precious dialog because it is a rare an expert like Prof. Rus coming to share is knowledge”. (lus)



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