Analyzing Metacognitive of Imam Al Ghozali, Inam Inaugurated as the New UMM Professor

Author : Humas | Monday, December 30, 2019 17:37 WIB
UMM Rector Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd bestowing Professor gordon to Prof. Akhsanul In’am, Ph.D. (Photo: Rino/PR UMM)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has a new professor. This time, on Saturday (12/28), UMM inaugurated Prof. Akhsanul In’am, Ph.D. as a professor of Mathematics Education. In his speech, the director of the Postgraduate Program of UMM talking about Imam Al Ghozali's thoughts on grouping people into four groups, or in other terms known as the Metacognitive concept of Al Ghozali.

Those are 1. Rojulun Yadri wa Yadri Annahu Yadri (a person who knows, and he knows if he knows); 2. Rojulun La Yadri wa Yadri Annahu Laa Yadri (a person who does not know and knows that he does not know); 3. Rojulun Yadri wa Laa Yadri Annahu Yadri (a person who knows, but he does not know if he knows), and; 4. Rojulun La Yadri wa Laa Yadri Annahu Laa Yadri (people who do not know and do not know that he does not know).

"Paying attention to the four human groups it can be said that the first and second groups are groups that can be improved by the quality of vertical and horizontal relationships. They are a group that wants to realize that they know something and also know about their ignorance, in other words, they are metacognitive," said the UMM Postgraduate Director.

Metacognitive, continued by the husband of Dra. Siti Hajar, M.Pd, has a very important role in learning activities. "A student who realizes he is learning, understands what is learned, is aware of what he does not know, and thinks about something, is a very important factor in the success of students in carrying out learning activities," he explained.

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Regarding learning activity, it can be said that learning is an effort of students to learn the material as a consequence of the teacher to teach. Learning is the activity of the teacher carrying out the task of delivering material to students in accordance with the plans that have been designed. Learning is not just the process of conveying knowledge by the teacher to students.

"But the teacher's role is to recognize the abilities and potential they have and try to develop it," said Inam. This is based on three things: First, students are human beings who are developing. Second, the rapid development of science. And third, new discoveries are related to the concept of changing human behavior, explained the man who born in Kediri, August 10, 1964.

Noting that, he said, there are 4 things that should be considered and taken into account in the implementation of learning, namely strategies, approaches, methods and learning procedures. These four things have a very significant role to help students understand the material learned. Also, togetherness is also an important aspect in the implementation of learning.

From this, efforts to improve the effectiveness of learning, especially Mathematics, can be stated that the first and foremost factor is the teacher, both with regard to the ability to master the material and its delivery. "Regarding the delivery of material, the effectiveness of learning can be realized very well through the use of Imam Ghozali's metacognitive approach," said In'am.

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"Which in this case can be said that metacognitive was advanced earlier by al Ghozali as described earlier. Through al Ghozali's thinking, in the implementation of learning, especially in the field of Mathematics learning, it can be initiated through action by implementing the first and second groups, so that Mathematics learning becomes conducive and effective," said In'am.

UMM Rector Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd said that the speech delivered by In'am was a sign of affirmation, as well as an inauguration in the field of Mathematics education. Prof. In'am was recorded as the second professor in FKIP and 21 professors at the university level. "Thus, as the leader of UMM, I congratulate that the highest academic position has been achieved by Prof. Inam," he said.

Until the end of the 90s or 2000s, continued Fauzan, Mathematics was still a scary and annoying thing. Even that bad stigma has plagued many people. This is due to the concept of learning mathematics that is not environmentally friendly. "Which means, mathematics is taught only partially and exclusively, without considering its function in real life," said Fauzan.

The mathematics stigma gets worse after the Math teacher even has difficulty smiling and tends to be asocial. However, since Frudental developed the concept of learning Realistic Mathematics in the era of the 70s, at that time also the Mathematics teacher would smile. "What In'am said had taken the reality of life as a basis for translating the real meaning of Mathematics," said Fauzan.

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So that Mathematics is not in empty space, but Mathematics has lived in nature with us. And indeed it is true that in everyday life humans cannot escape from the practice of mathematics. This is what was finally developed by the Indonesian people today. It is deconstructed into a set of knowledge that is also responsible for the continuity of humanist human civilization.

In this context, Mathematics teachers are required to strive in building logical thinking based on the reality of life empirically and comprehensively. "So I think what was said by Prof. In'am, if it is implemented in a learning process it is extraordinary, and the spiritualization of Mathematics learning is an effort to strengthen the practice of learning Mathematics so that it is more simplistic and functional”.

Meanwhile, in line with Fauzan, Chairman of the Regional Leadership of Muhammadiyah East Java, Dr. Saad Ibrahim MA mentioned in his remarks that Imam Al Ghozali placed Mathematics as the highest symbol of rational thought, by holding on to revelation and intuition. "Mathematics is not a matter of numbers, but there is also a humanist side, the basis of the dimensions of manifestation in everyday life," he said. (joh)



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