Scholarships are Scattered, Students are Demanded to be Proactive

Author : Humas | Friday, January 09, 2015 12:49 WIB

Numerous scholarship accesses that students might apply is one of many study adventages in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). Concerning on scholarship use: apart from supporting study fee, it also accustoms students to be proactive and independent. 

            It was the message from Head of Student Welfare Department (Kesma) Student Bureau UMM, Anisa. Accordingly, students receiving scholarship were mostly dominated by those who were proactive to seek for information.

            “There are so many scholarships, annual scholarships or periodic scholarships. Students should be proactive to seek for them. If there is a will, there is a way,” said her.

            Anisa continued that anytime students need an information about scholarship, they could directly come to Student Bureau UMM in Student Center building. “We always pin scholarship information in many boards around SC. Therefore, students should come regularly to find an updated information,” she explained.   

            Many annual scholarships are always available to access, such as Toyota Astra, Education Fee Supporting (BBP), Academic Achievement Development (PPA), Djarum Scholarship, and also Alumni Scholarship. Each scholarship has particular requirements, such as: special for indigent students, student activists or even achievement students.

            She also explained that most scholarships demanded students to hand assertion letter (SK) as activist from Vice Dean III in each faculty. It is not an absolute requirement yet giving additional point for the scholarships. Activist assertion letter from Vice Dean III becomes one of four points in Toyota Astra Scholarship, BPP, PPA, and Djarum Scholarship. Meanwhile, for BBP and PPA it still needs another point to meet which is indigent letter from sub district. For the last alumni scholarship, it is aimed for those having highest score in writing test as fresh student.

            Each scholarship commonly provides supporting fund in form of monthly fund range between three hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs and seven hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs during a year. Interestingly, many scholarships do not solely give fresh money, they also provide additional reward, for instance: Djarum Scholarship holds a national event for those receiving the scholarship, Outbound Training and Dare to Be a Leader.

            Besides national scholarships, UMM also provides abroad scholarships. Differently, these abroad scholarships serve students to study in another country along with living cost, study fee, and transportation warranted. For the detail information about abroad scholarship, please contact International Relation Office (IRO), 2nd floor of Rector Building UMM. (zul/han/t_stu)  



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