UMM Presents Successful Entrepreneur to Build Good Business Climate

Author : Humas | Tuesday, February 28, 2017 12:09 WIB
 Deputy of Human Resources Ministry of Cooperatives Small and Medium Business Enterprises of Indonesia, Budi Prakoso Susetyo, SE, MM. when spoke about entrepreneurial motivation on guest lecture in front of UMM students, Thursday (23/2). (Photo: Ade Chandra Sutrisna)

IN order to give the realexample of entrepreneurship to (UMM) students, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) wasnot just to develop infrastructure in the campusarea. Moreover, UMM also developedincome centers in various fields. One of its goal to establish an entrepreneurship’s climate for students as business support for those who wants to start work.

It was conveyed by UMM Rector Fauzan on a guest lecture in which attended by Deputy of Human Resources Ministry of Cooperatives Small and Medium Business Enterprises of Indonesia, Budi Prakoso Susetyo, SE, MM. The guest lecture on the theme"Building Young Entrepreneur" was held at UMM Dome Theater on Thursday (23/2).

UMM also has often presented national entrepreneurs to give motivation and example to the students in entrepreneurship fields. Budi Prakoso Susetyo was considered as one of the businessmen who were able to give the spirit. The man still young when his parents passed away and started to do business even he still in school. He started to dismantle and reassemble the car. Since then, the automotive industry was the business that he practiced until today.

"As a UMM student, income around 10 billion should have been usual," Budi said. According to him, the number of active students of UMM reached 30,000 people was strategic land for entrepreneurship.

On this occasion, Budi also sharedtips to start or develop entrepreneurship. Budi took analogies, as an entrepreneur,the hand should be dirty. Its mean, do not act like a boss before becaming a real bos. In addition, entrepreneurs also should haveto give advice to customers and the most important was to give income for those less able. "Do not forget to set aside, the most you give the richer you will be," he advised.

UMM Rector Fauzan added that UMM provided opportunities for students to conduct research and showcase products business. The requirement was not difficult, the student above second semeser, having excellent research and (mastering) technology. Then there will be a reviewer of the lecturer before exhibition.

Other facilities, UMM also brought industry players who will give advice on student’s product. The program will be began in the next 2017-2018 year. "UMM will give place (chance) and patents. Beside having income, students also do not need to work on the thesis who can make entrepreneurs like this," Fauzan said followed by student’s applause.

Fauzan asserted, UMM students should become a great man, whether both as a student and after graduation. "Students can get rich before graduation, it is one of my big dreams,"  Fauzan said. (Naz).




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