Proud to be UMM Qoriah, Egalia Graduated with Summa Cum Laude predicate

Author : Humas | Saturday, October 24, 2020 13:24 WIB
Egalia Novika Hidayat graduated as a UMM Physiotherapy bachelor
(Photo by: Helmi / Public Relations)

FOR Egalia Novika Hidayat, being a qoriah for various major events of his campus has become an achievement in herself. Moreover, she can perform the ability to chant the Al-quran in front of high-ranking state officials. This valuable experience was what Egalia, her nickname, got while being an active student at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). This woman from Meliau, West Kalimantan, has just graduated on Tuesday (20/10) last week, with the title summa cum laude, namely GPA 3.86.


Egalia graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy (S.Kes.). The daughter of Ilham Hidayat and Mrs. Lenny Rizawati is the best graduate of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Not only graduating, this volunteer enthusiast has made many very proud achievements. Not only in the field of Al Quran, but in the National Scientific Writing Competition. In the field of Al Quran, Egalia won Second Place at the National Musabaqah Syarhil Qur'an event held by Djuanda University, Bogor 2020.


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Even at the university level, Egalia often won first place in the Syarhil Quran competition. From there she was appointed to represent the UMM White Campus in every Al Quran competition event. She continued honing the ability to recite verses of the Al-quran since junior high school until she went to college. Dara who was born in November 1998 even joined the student activity unit (UKM) which focused on fostering Al Quran, namely UKM Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran UMM.

Some of the competitions that Egalia won in the LKTI field include Champion I National LKTI-A Jakarta State University 2018, Champion II National Olympiad for PHYSIO Sports Sports 2018, Champion II National LKTI Pen Pemuda Indonesia UNY 2018 and Champion III National LKTI-A IfoPH UNAIR Surabaya 2018. Not only in the form of scientific writing, Egalia's ability to write is also applied in a book she wrote with her lecturers and friends entitled Books of Da'wah Science: Practical Millennial Da'wah.



Even though she is not a boarding school student, her ability to recite the Quran is no less good. All of her achievements were in order to make her parents proud, as well as a place to hone herself. "Actually, my parents always directed her to academics. I was trained through reward and punishment. So, the way I prove to my parents that I have other abilities is to be active outside, both in volunteer activities and in the Quran, "said Egalia.


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Not a few volunteer activities that she participated in. For example, Egalia was registered as a volunteer for Indonesia Medika Clean Medika Pantai Teluk Asmara Malang 2019, Volunteer Physiotherapist Runners Mantra Summit Challenge (MSC116) Arjuno-Welirang 2019, Joint Social Service with Malang Student Medical Assistance Team 2017, Volunteer Partner of Physiotherapist Nusantarun Chapter 7 2019, finally Egalia registered as part of the Physiotherapist and Medical Campus League 2019.


Her love of participating in many competitions, both Al Quran and scientific writing competitions was supported by the appreciation given by UMM. Even this campus has a special tagline, "There is no day without achievement, no achievement that is not appreciated". Egalia acknowledged, she received not only coaching money from the competition organizing committee. UMM also specifically gave an appreciation of the coaching money, which she considered was very sufficient to help finance while studying at UMM Physiotherapy. (nain/ can)



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