ASKII as the Optimization Space to Share Experience and Management of Sentra HKI

Author : Humas | Tuesday, August 21, 2018 15:38 WIB
The importance of the existence of Intellectual Property Centers (KI) in Indonesia encouraged the formation of the Indonesian Intellectual Property Association (ASKII) on October 30, 2017 ago.
On the age 11 months, ASKII has carried out many activities such as training related to the administration and management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and cooperating with several Intellectual Property (KI) centers in Indonesia.
Chairman of ASKII, Dr. Budi Agus Riswandi S. H., M. Hum. expressed the importance of the existence of KI centers in universities. In both individuals and institutions development are needed a KI center for exchanging experiences, knowledge, and strengthening among KI members.
"When we were invited by the KI director general to hold a coordination meeting of the Indonesian KI center in Malang, it was proposed in the forum to form an association of Indonesian intellectual property centers. From the forum, a formative team was formed. One of them was me. Then, several other members from various universities and the formation team for approximately 4 to 6 meetings were preparing the formation of the association," said Budi about the journey of the formation of ASKII, Tuesday (21/8) in the GKB 4 Hall of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) .
In this National Working Meeting, ASKII reaffirmed program plans and capacity of members regarding IPR management in each IPR center units. Today, ASKII members assigns 113 people consisting of representatives of institutions and individuals.
The KI center at UMM was established in 2002 and became the most senior institution from other universities. The existence of KI Centers at UMM is from Dr. Ir. Maftuchah, MP thoughts who felt the importance of having an IPR Center.
"I think the importance of this institution is important. Intellectual property is not just recording, the results of technology, intellectuality, this is an issue of international regulation as well. Indonesia is still relatively slow compared to other countries. I think that IPR centers are made into institutions that will be better, so that what we used to be the SK as committee turned out to be administrators and stood at UMM in 2002," explained the Chairperson of UMM IPR Center in 2002-2017, Maftuchah, MP.


In line with Maftuchah's thoughts, Budi hopes ASKII will continue to develop into an institution that is not only filled by academics, researchers, scientists, but also industrialists. The goal to optimize for the welfare of society can truly be realized. (ard)


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