Arlinda Silva Prameswari, Change Virus to Cancer Therapy Media

Author : Humas | Monday, May 22, 2017 09:20 WIB

DURING this time, human knows the virus as an embryo which causes disease. However, what happened when the virus actually turned into a function of cancer therapy media? That was what Arlinda Silva Prameswari did, a student of Medical Faculty (FK) of UMM who had just won the 1 st place of Achievement Student at Kopertis VII Level East Java.

The virus modified by Arlinda is called Adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5), which is one of the viruses that contribute to five to ten percent of respiratory infections in children and the elderly, as well as urinary tract infections. To transform the Ad5 virus into a therapeutic medium, there are three steps that must be done by Arlinda. First, it must do the gene deletion. In the virus, there are several genes that serve as weapons for the virus. "To make virus can be used for therapy, the weapon must be removed, which is removing the genes," said Arlinda analogize.

Secondly, Arlinda changed the genetic make-up of acid-base. In prostate cancer, Ad5 can not selectively replicate because of low receptor numbers. In fact, the way the virus enters the body's cells is through the receptor. In the literature she studies, there are receptors that increase if the cancer severe. Thus, Arlinda needed to change the basic acid arrangement.

The third stage is encapsulation. The modified virus will be encapsulated using posphoethylen glycol polymer (PEG). The virus is an infectious agent, therefore it is rapidly eliminated from the body system by the immune system. Therefore, encapsulation of the virus aims to prolong the process of therapy carried out by the virus in the cell becomes longer, because it will deceive the body's immune system.

Meanwhile, the way done to enter the virus into the body is through injection that is injected through the arteries. So far, cancer treatments often use chemotherapy. The downside, chemotherapy will attack healthy cells and cancer cells. Conversely, the excess uses Ad5, when it is injected into the body, it only attacks cancer cells only.

The student who is from Lamongan, claimed that she has been starting this research since November 2016 and using up to 70 international and national journals as a reference. There are various stages that must be passed to achieve the first champion of outstanding students in East Java and be ready to advance to the national level.

The student who is also the chief editor of the Journal of Medical Students Indonesia (JIMKI), must compete with 45 participants from various campuses until the remaining 10 majors. The selection was included administrative selection, research presentation, awards clarification, writing and speaking skills in English, to personality interviews.

There is no doubt if she achieved an outsatanding student in East Java. In addition, she is in 6th semester also active as daily administrators of the National Scientific Analysis and Reasoning Institute (BAPIN) under the Indonesian Medical Student Senate Association (ISMKI), as a reviewer on JIMKI before being forwarded to a specialist doctor's reviewer. In FK, students who aspire to be a cardiologist is also involved in the field of journalism and active in the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM). (ard)



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