Appreciating Tax Center UMM, Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani, Invited Students to Have Mannequin Challenge

Author : Humas | Wednesday, December 28, 2016 13:22 WIB
TAX AMNESTY: Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati SE MSc PhD, was giving guest lectures at UMM dome, Wednesday (28/12). In addition, Sri also invited students having mannequin challenge. (Photo: Rino)

ROLE of Tax Center University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) and Corner Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) UMM received a special appreciation from Finance Minister of Indonesia Republic, Sri Mulyani Indrawati SE MSc PhD. For Sri Mulyani, both of unit would be very effective as a learning media for the future of UMM students to advance Indonesia's financial sector.

The announcement was conveyed by Sri Mulyani when she gave a guest lecture entitled "Tax Amnesty and Indonesia Economic Empowerment Strategy 2017", on Wednesday (28/12) at UMM Dome hall. The presence of the former Managing Director of Duniaini Bank was to sign the inauguration of Tax Center UMM.

When entering the round building UMM Dome, Sri Mulyani seemed so friendly greeting students. Instead of sitting on the chair provided, she even walked in the middle of students and chatted with them. In fact, at the end of the lecture, Sri invited thousands of students who attended to make mannequin challenge video.

While on a lecture session, Sri revealed that, economic inequality in Indonesia increased continually. This, she said, accumulated from a few things, namely the risk of domestic economy, low innovation, limited production capacity, gap between infrastructure, technology, and society, as well as shallow financial markets. "As a result, productivity and competitiveness are low, poverty and inequality have increased," said Sri Mulyani who was elected as the 38th most influential woman in 2014 in the world according to Forbes magazine.

Sri said on the other hand, Indonesia's economic growth was actually improved. In the range of 2006 to 2015, Indonesia experienced a growth of 5.7%. This meant that Indonesia was placed at the third ranks after India and China. Thus, Sri emphasized on UMM, in order to enhance this growth, the next challenge was to improve education, ability, and skill of human resources.

"For instance, to learn the management of state finances, students can learn through personal financial management, because managing state finance is not much different with it, it's just a bigger scale, " said master's degree and doctorate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Sri continued that, students could learn how if the money received less than it should be spent. Similarly, expenditure for any country must be efficient, effective, and quality.

Fauzan, UMM Rector, in his speech stated that, UMM tradition presented a national figure as a guest speaker was an effort to provide accurate information to the students, especially regarding the program that was being promoted by the government.

"It is for students to gain information and knowledge from the first hand. Thus, there is no confusion of information from the Internet, especially social media. The guest lecture is also important to improve the competence in the field of taxation, "he said.

Tax Center UMM which was unveiled by Sri Mulyani practically was an activity which had been running since 2013. Tax Center UMM stood because the cooperation of the Directorate General of Taxes of Indonesia Republic and Faculty of Economics and Business UMM. Tax Center UMM served manufacturing TIN, payment of taxes, or tax advice. UMM students were also benefited greatly from

being able to learn about taxation deeper through literature and research taxation, simulation exercises, until higher levels such as brevet. (Ich / han)



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