Implementing UMM Pasti Program, Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) Held Soft skills Training for Prospective Graduates

Author : Humas | Monday, February 12, 2018 16:52 WIB
The Head of Legal and Personnel Bureau UMM, Zakarija Achmat is conveying the material in Soft Skill Training for Working on Monday (12/2)

UMM Pasti Program was initiated by the Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Fauzan on the middle of 2017 and was responded by all academic communities UMM. This program has three objectives, which are the students should graduate in four years, the students directly find jobs after graduate, and the students must be independent. Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) that has 6 study programs held a judicial procession in the faculty.

FPP held a Soft Skill Training for working on Monday (12/2) at BAU Hall UMM. The Dean of FPP, David Hermawan conveyed that it is not easy to realize this program. There are faculty elements that must support this program such as curriculum, lecturers, and infrastructure. David said, “The purpose of this program is to actualize the third of objective of Pasti program, which is, the students are surely independent after graduate”.

The Head of Law and Personnel Bureau UMM, Zakarija Achmat, who was the training speaker, stated that the prospective graduates have to be able to see the things with different point of view to find a job. Zakarja who is a lecturer of Faculty of Psychology said that, “Sometimes, it is not because we can’t solve problem, but we have wrong point of view in solving it”.

Esta Juliana who is one of the prospective graduates of FPP, admitted that she is quite enthusiastic with this training program because it is very important who those who will graduate and find jobs. The judicial FPP UMM will be held on February 23rd. there will be an achievement award for the graduates. The achievements include academic and non- academic of 121 prospective graduates and will be witnessed by their parents. (lus)



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