Android Application Increasingly Attracts, Prepares PlayStore UMM Version

Author : Humas | Tuesday, March 10, 2015 12:57 WIB

Excellent Application: Student of Informatics Engineering UMM succeeded to create his excellent android apps; it is Ongkos Kirim Indonesia (Ongkir). This application downloaded more than ten thousand users of android.


Again, after previous success with UMM Messenger, Student University of Muhammadiyah Malang presented with his best android application, “Ongkos Kirim Indonesia(Ongkir)/Indonesia Postage”. Application that already downloaded more 10 thousand users is work of two student of informatics engineering; there are Yusuf Fachroni and Puput Dwi Putri.

In processing, those two student also helped by three other friends who also student of Informatics Engineering UMM, those are Sofyan, Andi Rizki and Aulia Wardhana. Those five students made a team named PaperPlay Studio also to be their name of company. 

In addition to Ongkir, Paperplay Studio already made ten other android applications. “However, Ongkir application is the most received appreciation, proven since September until today has reached more than ten thousand downloads,” said Yusuf Fachroni when met at TI Laboratory UMM, Tuesday (10/3).

According to Yusuf, Ongkir is an application that served to check the postal fee based on city of origin and destiny, also package weight for courier service JNE, TIKI and Pos Indonesia. “Not only that, this application also can calculate the lowest cost that can be used,” he added.

Inspiration made this application began from his problem in his online shop, he felt difficult to decide the total of postage fee to customer. So, he made an application that can be downloaded easily in android Smartphone.  

Their creativity not only stops in making android application. Currently, they are developing UMM Play, which is kind of PlayStore UMM version. This initiative came because during this time to upload application in Playstore charged three thousand rupiah. “Hopefully, with the present of UMM Play, UMM student can upload their application free. So, student more motivated to work,” he explained.

Head of Lab TI UMM Hariyadi said UMM always motivated their student to be more creative. “Therefore, Lab TI in every semester targeted, must be there excellent program than can be published. It could came student assignment or pure their creativity.”

Hariyadi added, with strong support from campus, in TI Laboratory already provided facilities and complete tools that can improve student creativity. “Alhamdulillah, it was impacted in their productivity. Their qualified works was increased,” he said.

Beside Yusuf and Puput, student of TI UMM the initiator of UMM Messenger Ali Usman is also very productive to create android application. In PlayStore, there are 25 applications of his work.  (ica/han/t_zuh)




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