Author : Humas | Monday, November 30, 2015 10:29 WIB

The eager in learning and experiencing something new is what made Georgi Panayotov came to Malang City. As a professional choreographer and dancer, this Bulgarian student isn’t satisfied with mastering Bulgarian traditional and contemporary dance so he learned East Java traditional dance.

           Moreover, Georgi has planned to combine topeng Malangan dance with contemporary dance in the future. The collaboration between dances is important and we can add topeng Malangan traditional values from different perspective so that something new can be created.

           “I’ve never practically danced topeng Malangan but I’ve read enough about this dance. I also acquainted with some local artists from Batu City who master the topeng Malangan dance,” said Georgie who learned Bulgarian traditional dances at University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

           He participated in the Darmasiswa program at the Indonesia Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta. Georgi performed theatrical dance “1+1=1” which was the combination between contemporary dances, aerial silk acrobatics, and the Indonesian traditional dances. That dance was the representative of the bond of mother and her child. It was inspired from the Sangkuriang myth which has the same story as the Greek myth Edyphos. Both myths told about a boy who wanted to marry his mother so that he killed his father.

           Georgi had also performed new creation dance in the International Student Summit 2015 at UMM dome last week and in the yudisium of UMM Psychology Faculty on Friday (27/11). Georgi will also perform the same dance in the UNESCO Youth Peace International Film Festival on the next 3rd and 4th December.

           Georgi knew UMM from the social media, facebook. He claimed that UMM is a very well-organized university. “This is a good chance to participate the internship program in UMM. I like seeking new experiences,” he asserted (han/t_rfd)



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