Through the Goals, Being Pious, and Management

Author : Humas | Monday, December 07, 2009

In a seminar in Yogyakarta, around the 1985s, A. Malik Fadjar asked the Chairman of Muhammadiyah at that time, “AR Fahruddin, what is Muhammadiyah?” Mr. AR, replied, "Muhammadiyah is a gallant Islam, enlighten, and sympathize." His brief and spontaneous answer was still on Prof. A Malik Fajar, MSc mind.

"The answer is surprising and has a very fundamental sense," said Malik while giving lectures in front of UMM lecturers and staffs, Thursday (12/3). The former minister had expressed this when he raised the question of the Muhammadiyah movement that still existed in a century. According to him, Muhammadiyah kept moving with its real form.

What made Muhammadiyah exist? "The ideals," said Malik. Muhammadiyah kept alive and vibrant because it was grounded in the ideals which were established by its founders.

However, the ideals were not enough. If the ideals of charity was not accompanied by pious, then it would be utopian. And the ideals and pious must also be equipped with management skills. "So the ideals, charitable pious, and management are important to run this organization," continued the former rector of UMM.

UMM, according to Malik, was an integral part of Muhammadiyah history. It was part of the signs of age that should be continued to read. From the university, the problems should be solved.

UMM, continued Malik again, must not only survive but also play a role, empower, and give strength. So the aims could be realized. The Congress’ theme would be “Satu Abad Muhammadiyah, Gerak Dakwah Melintasi Jaman, Tajdid Menuju Peradaban Utama”.

Meanwhile, the Rector Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, underlined the importance of energy which was focused on the institution. The energy was focused into a strong commitment. "Muhammadiyah is similar to malting pot, where all the flowers can grow in it. It varies, but if the goal is focused together, it will be a major force to build UMM," he concluded. (nas/t_ris)



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