Third Generation, 19 Chinese Students Study at UMM Through Credit Transfer System

Author : Humas | Monday, September 19, 2016 13:38 WIB
Tongren University students who would be studying at UMM for one semester photographed with Head of IRO UMM after briefing and opening ceremony. Photo: Distya Putri Handayani.

A total of 19 students from Tongren University, China, had just arrived in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). They started their first activities at UMM through debriefing activities, Monday (19/9), before eventually going to have lecture for one semester.

At UMM, students from various programs in Tongren University would undergo a credit transfer

system which compatible with UMM study program they took in Tongren.

"So, they are not learning study program or a particular subject here, but which is compatible they took in China. For example, they wanted to learn art or drama, we can join them to the drama subject in Indonesian, "explained by Head of European and American International Relations Office (IRO) UMM, Drs Jarum MEd.

One of them was Zhang Mei, a student majoring in Secretarial Science in Tongren claimed that, she wanted to learn English to support their work in the future. Zhang Mei then joined the department of English Education at UMM.

Regarding to the system, said Jarum, they would do the same as UMM students. "They will join regular classes as like another students. Hence, the lecturers who would teach by Chinese students would adjust their teaching, the use of English. The module was also arranged in English, "explained Jarum.

UMM cooperation with Tongren University had been running since 2014. It is not only Tongren which sent their students to study at UMM, on the contrary, UMM also sent a delegation of students to study in Tongren. This was the third times Tongren sent their students to UMM. Meanwhile, UMM was the second generation in Tongren.

Learning from experience, UMM further improved their services to foreign students studying at UMM. Therefore, this year, UMM required Chinese students to have health insurance through the Social Security Agency (BPJS).

When debriefing session, Zhang Mei, admitted very happy to come to Indonesia, Malang, and studied at UMM.

"World is big. I wanted to know different countries. I wanted to learn about Indonesia. Indonesia is rich, beautiful. UMM is also very beautiful, and big. The lake just like in our campus. The students are friendly, and I think they have strong confidence to learn, it's different from my college. There is no reason why I did not study at UMM, "sounded smiling. (Ich / han)



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