Raising Local Food Economy Value, Himatekpa UMM Held Food Festival

Author : Humas | Friday, December 15, 2017 16:23 WIB
A student bought Gendhis product, which is a local drink brand called Wedang Pokak typical of Pasuruan. (Photo: Beni Humas)
Starting Thursday (14/12) to Friday (15/12), Food Technology Science Student Association (Himatekpa) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held Himatekpa Food Festival (HFF) at 3.5 floor in GKB 1 UMM 
Chairman Himatekpa UMM, Moch. Arif Saputra, said that Himatekpa as a student whose position under study program (Prodi) must support the proclaimed by the study program. One of them is by conducting activities that supported science and Food Technology Study Program.
"In this HFF, we are engaged as a facilitator in the downstream of innovation products from students," explained Arif.
Lifting the theme of "Developing Local Food", this festival managed various foodstuffs such as purslane leaves, purple sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, cassava and sweet potatoes..
In total, there were 28 groups of students from 2014 to 2017 generation opened the stand in this event. Each booth served different food preparations.
"We brought this theme because we expect local low economic food can increase," continued Arif.
Arif and his staff plan to develop HFF to local, regional, to national level. Lecturer of Food Technology Science Department, Rista Anggriani, S. TP., MP., M.Sc, also hoped the same. Rista aspired, one day HFF can develop further so that students can be facilitated in terms of downstream product innovation. Not only that, Rista also hoped HFF can grow and cooperate with one of the producers of foodstuff in Indonesia. Furthermore, students can make innovations from foodstuffs produced by these producers to increase their nutritional value.
"Obviously, this will be interesting, because it is a combination of modern things with functional things," he said.
One of the participants, Rachmaniar Anissa Putri said, she was happy with the festival that was held regularly every year. The reason, through the festival he can recognize science and proficiency Food Science Technology directly and deeper.
"It can also add to experience by looking at other booths, especially the product of sister level," said student of Food Technology Science force of 2017. (ard)


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