Raising Cyber Bullying Issues, UMM Students Won IndosatM2 Creative Idea

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 16, 2019 16:36 WIB
Adinda (wearing glasses) received the winner's certificate. (Photo: Zaki / Humas)

Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. However, this communication technology platform which is internet-based has negative consequences. Some people often did abuse of media, which is mostly accessed by teenagers. One of them is the practice of cyberbullying or cyber-intimidation. This is happening lately.

Through this background, Adinda Jelfani, an Informatics Engineering Department student at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), succeeded to become the best participant in the Creative Idea competition at the Digital Literacy Seminar held by IndosatM2 internet and multimedia service provider. Dinda succeeded to knock out at least nearly 120 participants by initiating the Anti-Cyber ​​Bullying application.

"I have an idea that is an application that can connect with accounts on social media. This application can detect content that leads to cyberbullying. It is like can detect negative comments by directly deleting them automatically, deleting our photos or videos that are uploaded by someone without permission, and detecting fake accounts, "said Adinda, Tuesday (4/16).

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The act of cyberbullying was usually carried out through physical insults (body shaming), mutilation of the race, degrading one's talents or hobbies, and even to sexual orientation. Even Selebgram can experience this kind of event. She continued, Instagram or other social media that should be used properly, actually used for negative things.

Exemplified by Adinda, like the @sukaniqab Instagram account. The owner of the account that is unknown to took photos of the female account and then posted it without a permit to the photo owner. "Worse, this fake account adds photo captions with inappropriate words (improper). Not only that, there are still many other fake social media accounts, "she said.

"The popularity of social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram has increased over the past few years. With the increasingly sophisticated technology today, we can know many people and various news quickly. Besides that, we can also make money just by uploading photos, videos to endorse a product, "her order after receiving the prize.

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In addition, the advantages of this application can also directly report the action to the authorities, if indeed it had gone to an outrageous stage. "Hopefully with this application can help people who work as celebrities. Anyone can use social media safely without worry about being a victim of cyberbullying, "Adinda said.

Dinda received a gift from Indosat M2 which was handed over directly by Theo Reiza Presadhikarno as East Java Region B2B Sales Vice President. While Adinda was accompanied by the Vice Dean 3 of the Faculty of Engineering, who is Dr. Hj. Lailis Syafa'ah, MT when receiving this gift. "Hopefully this application can be developed into a dream start-up company," Theo said.

In addition to giving the prize winner, the other purpose of the arrival of IndosatM2 was to discuss the cooperation that had been established with UMM before. As well as continuing this creative idea in the form of a real application. "I hope that our cooperation with UMM will not only end here and also still establish communication well with our party," Theo said. (Win)



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