Holding a Public Relations Workshop, Faculties and Study Programs at UMM Are Trained to Master Digital Arena

Author : Humas | Monday, November 20, 2017 16:43 WIB

At the opening of Public Relations Training and Website Management of Faculties and Study Programs held on Monday (20/11) in UMM Senate room, Rina Setyaningrum, the Head of Public Relation of UMM, said “Anyone can be a PR including those who do not have any communication background”.

Rina stressed out on the importance of website management in order to attract people’s interest. The key of how to master digital arena is the ability to tell information, so people will be interested to read and search more about it. Besides, the display must be up to date. Interesting stories should be published in publication content of university, faculty, and study program at UMM.

PR of UMM also gives an opportunity to all faculty website managers to learn how to manage faculty and study program websites to be more professional. Rina said, “The website managers are PR in the level of study program and faculty. That is why, we need to collaborate with them and learn together to manage university branding in the very best way”.

About 38 faculty and website managers attended this half-day training. They seemed enthusiastic about it. Especially when the trainees were asked to try to write a short news related to the training event. Some participants who incidentally did not have the background as the author looked a bit difficult to arrange the news.

However, Subhan Setowara, one of the training speakers who gave the material "How to Write News", painstakingly guided the participants. He asked them to collect data related to the previous activities, starting from writing the event name, organizer, date and place of the activity. Next, after collecting the initial data, then look for interesting things from the activity. These interesting things are expected to stimulate others interested in reading our writing.

Haryo Prasodjo, a lecturer of International Relations UMM who became manager of the International Relations website admitted that he initially got trouble to start writing, but after trying to find important and interesting data, he finished writing the news well

The participants did not only learn how to write a news, but also learn how to manage layout or design of website. The problem usually faced by website managers is the difficulty in managing the template and layout writing design.

Winda Hardyanti, website manager of Communication Science Study Program UMM, said,”We have no problem about the website contents. But, it is difficult to manage the layout and template because of limited managerial skills. This training is very important for me as a website manager for Communication Science study program. I hope this kind of training can be held continuously.”(lus)



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