The Youths Must Be Smart Choosing A Leader

Author : Humas | Saturday, October 27, 2018 09:24 WIB
Mokhammad Najih, Ph.D (Picture by: Aan/UMM PR)

 After the polemic related to the granting of former corruption prisoners have right to be legislative candidates in the election 2019, many academics criticized that policy. Asri Rezki Saputra conveyed that this policy can be used to make power abuse. In fact, corruption can be prevented since the recruitment started.

“In my opinion, this policy can make the corruption bigger”. Furthermore, as a student, Asri must have critical thinking in responding this kind of issue. Asri who is a student of Law Faculty University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) criticized the students who become legislative candidates. In his opinion, this is not the right time for students to get involved in politics. On the other hand, students must accommodate the aspiration of people.

Mokhammad Najih, Ph.D, a lecturer of Law Faculty UMM revealed that students hold an important role to analyze, criticize, and convey their opinion. “Youths have wider space to criticize and analyze this polemic” he said on Saturday (27/10).

The writer of a best seller book Hukum Indonesia: Sejarah, Konsep Tata Hukum dan Politik Hukum Indonesia (red: Indonesian Law: History, The Concept of Indonesian Legal and Political Law” said that the regulations about corruption in Indonesia is too much. The corruptors do not feel guilty and feel free to corrupt again and again. “The corruptors are not afraid of law anymore”.  

For your information, there are 38 legislative candidates who are former corruption prisoners. Najih said that the youths must keep an eye to those candidates and the votes the get in the election. “As a voter, the youth must be critical in analyzing whom they are going to choose”. (lus)



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