Ami Becomes a Doctor Who Also Understands Health Law

Author : Humas | Friday, October 23, 2020 14:02 WIB
Rezky Ami Cahyaharnita, an IGD doctor at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang Hospital, became the best UMM graduate for master degree at the 97th Period III Graduation in 2020 with a GPA of 3.97. (Photo by: Bagas / PR)

BECOMING an Emergency Room (IGD) doctor is not without risks. Apart from having to be prepared under the pressure of an emergency atmosphere, the emergency room doctor must also be ready to be overshadowed by the threat of being sued by the patient or the patient's family because of the suspicion of mishandling. This is what motivated Rezky Ami Cahyaharnita, the IGD doctor at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Hospital to steadily continue his master's degree in the UMM Master of Law Study Program.

"What makes me interested in taking a master's degree in Law at UMM is because it provides a health concentration. As long as I was the first one in Malang. Well, then I myself as an ER doctor also thought, in the ER there were lots of potential complaints from patients. Either the treatment takes a long time or maybe the patient does not understand that doctors have to handle it according to the level of urgency, ” explained this 2010 alumni of the UMM Medical Faculty Medical Education Study Program.

Second, if the doctor has taken the action and the results are not in accordance with the patient's expectations, often the patient complains and then raises a lawsuit. The woman from Malang Regency, East Java admitted that she realized the importance of a health worker to understand Law Science. Although he admitted that it was a bit difficult to be able to adjust the rhythm and material of the Law Science lecture, which in fact was far from the discipline of Medicine. However, Ami was facilitated by matriculation.

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"I also do not understand legal issues at all, I really am a pure science student who continues to study social studies directly (Law, ed.). Science kids, don’t they, learn a lot of exact science. While in Law, there are many possibilities. So, learning from the first semester was really hard. Matriculation, continue to be taught about the basics of law. It was really hard and I didn't read all the books, ” said the best UMM graduate for master degree at the 97th Period III Graduation Ceremony in 2020.

Not only Ami, a health worker who decided to continue his Masters in Law at UMM. There are 3 specialist doctors, 2 general practitioners and 1 nurse. They were the first batch in the UMM Master of Laws who took a major in Health Law. Ami is the only youngest health worker to take a major in Health Law. However, seeing that her fellow health workers are enthusiastic, Ami is encouraged to complete her studies seriously.

Before deciding to take a master's degree in Law, Ami learned a lot from the work experience of doctors in America. Through that, he knows the term Defensive Medicine, in which defensive medicine is a form of medical practice in which a doctor will be very careful and really take into account safe steps for himself so that he is not easily blamed or sued by patients. That's what made him even more convinced to take the law study of health specialization.

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After graduating, Ami did not want her knowledge to be consumed alone. He wants his literacy about Health Law to be transmitted to his colleagues in the hospital. Ami is even interested, if there is an opportunity to continue the doctoral level in the same field of study. Furthermore, his knowledge about Health Law can fortify him from all forms of lawsuits that are filed against him and help his fellow health professionals.

 “I hear a lot about doctors who serve out of town or in the 3T area. Often they are mistaken for inadequate handling of patients. Limited infrastructure. So implementation such as supporting examinations cannot be carried out. Then, if possible, if possible, their equipment is not requiredthestandard. Meanwhile, they may also have tried optimally, "concluded Ami, Friday (23/10).

Ami successfully graduated summa cum laude with an almost perfect GPA, namely 3.97. In his thesis, Ami conducted a Substantive Analysis of PERMENKES No. 47 of 2018 concerning Emergency Services in National Health Insurance. More specifically, in his thesis Ami wants to answer the question of how these regulations are viewed from the perspective of health-related laws and regulations, cost control quality control, and general principles of good governance. (nain / can)



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