American Corner UMM Collaborated with RELO US Embassy Jakarta Invites All Teachers to Utilize Social Media

Author : Humas | Friday, February 09, 2018 17:22 WIB
As the times progressed, the existence of technology became a necessity for everyone. Involved in every aspect of life, the presence of technology become a new culture in social interaction as well, including in education world.
Based on the phenomenon, American Corner of University of Mumammadiyah Malang (UMM) colaborated with Regional English Language Office (RELO) of United States Embassy Jakarta held a Workshop on Creating Socially Engaging Learning Experiences at UMM Senate Meeting Room, Friday (9/2). The event also aimed to support educational programs between Indonesia and America.
The Chair of Faculty of Technology Advisory Group The Patton College of Education Ohio University United States, Greg Kessler, present. On this event, Greg Kessler provided further insights and experience on how technology can integrate with learning and teaching activities, especially in the context of English subjects.
In addition, Greg Kessler also invited the entire audience to be more active in using and utilizing social media. He argued that social media is a new needs for the generation today. It can be a tool that can be used as a medium to attract the attention of learners.
"I believe that everyone here has social media, maybe Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social media," he said.
Furthermore, Greg Kessler also told that nowadays many learning media have been created to make class activities more interactive and fun. He also presented some learning media like Augmented Reality (AR).
"We can create Creative Teaching through media that has been created and it can make the class more interactive," he explained.
In the final explanation, Greg Kessler also emphasized again that teacher is the most important factor in building success in the learning process. Becoming a creative teacher does not have to create new products.
"Awareness in using interactive learning media can form a more enjoyable learning environment," added Greg Kessler.
Attended by UMM academic citivas, students and English teachers from outside Malang, Special Assistant of Rector for Cooperation, Soeparto, said that this event is important for the teachers to develop their scholarship.
"This activity is an activity that will give you all the useful knowledge in teaching and learning process," he explained. (ard)


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