Observe, Copy, Modification are the Key of Successful Alumni UMM which become CEO Clicks

Author : Humas | Monday, October 01, 2018 16:33 WIB

Have you ever heard the name of Ferri Uno ? Alumni of  International Relations Studies  (HI) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) whose original name is Ferri Jubair became one of Indonesia's young entrepreneurs who successfully built a digital company, Click Indonesia.

Content and social media management companies that specifically create special content which corresponding their audience and ensure long-term engagement through social media, are now has been growing rapidly. Together with a professional team formed, Click Indonesia builds an effective brand and creates a social media presence for the public historical figures from various circles, whether government, commercial entities or companies.

Ferri explained, his journey to get into this point is not an easy thing. Determined to be independent since he was a college student, this young man who born in Netherland Amsterdam has tried various fortune to become an entrepreneur. He once tried business in the culinary field. Unfortunately, twice opening a business in this field the fortune has not sided with the man from Malang.

"I opened a business in Malang on culinary field twice, but indeed I have not been lucky there. Finally I look for another opportunity," he explained.

He has immigrated, the man who has just lived in Indonesia for 13 years began his new career in Jakarta in 2015. He decided to "learn" and work with people who considered in accordance with his interest. It didn't take long time, thanks to his credibility at work, Ferri had the opportunity to join a project owned by Mark Winkle in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) in the same year.

"Once received, along with Mister Mark Winkle I got the confidence to formulate the Message House for mother Retno (red. Minister Kemenlu),  "said Ferri.

Providing the best performance, Ferri and the team succeesfully formulated the Four Pillars Message House for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After this successes, four months later, Ferri decided to stand on its own by building a company of pioneers (startup.red).

"I joined the Mark Mark Winkle for four months. If you join that person, don't be too long. Don't forget to implement an observe, copy, modify," Ferri said.

Ferri, recognized his conviction to start a business was also inseparable from the inspiration gained from the intensity of his meeting with Ilham Habibie, the first son of President BJ. Habibie. Ilham assessed, Ferri has great potential to develop his creativity. This statement made Ferri more excited until in 2016, he officially open his new startup Click Indonesia.

After meeting with Mr. Ilham Habibie quite often, I see a digital company belongs to him and I think the opportunity to open a company like that is great, then I build Clicks Indonesia," said Ferri, who served as CEO and Communication Consultant of Click Indonesia.

Known as a very ambitious person, the instagram celebrity who has a similiar apperance with Sandiaga Uno never thought that he would return to UMM and invited as an alumnus who known successfully to pursue his dream.

"Come to think of it, five years ago, I did not have the view that I would return to UMM and become a guest who was recognized as a successful student pursuing his dream. Maybe this is one form of my support for UMM, give motivation to these students to persue their dreams, "Ferri concluded. (wid/ sil).



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