UMM Alumnus Becomes the KBRI Staff in Fiji

Author : Humas | Wednesday, June 19, 2019 13:38 WIB
Ummul Hasanahwith Suva KBRI team using Suva Camba. (Photo: Special)

Working in one of the biggest Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) is the dreams of many people. This is realized by Ummul Hasanah, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) alumnus who works as the Local Staff in Suva KBRI, Fiji since 2018. She accepts this responsibility from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strict selection.

She convinces herself as the Local Staff in this archipelago state in the south of the Pacific Ocean because of her will to apply a knowledge she got from her university and her experience of getting USD salary. Not just that, she used her career path as a stepping stone in becoming an Ambassador in the future.

Just like Indonesia, Fiji is an island country located on the west of Tonga, and the south of Tuvalu. Fiji has 322 islands and only 106 of them were inhabited. Other than that, there are also 522 small islands. The two biggest islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu that occupied 82% of the total population of Fiji.

 “My seriousness in fighting for her dreams was caused by my admiration to the figures in Academos Community (learning community and scholarship hunters at UMM) who always serious in catching her dreams,” said Ummul, an International Relations (HI) Department students FISIP 2011 class (19/6).

Previously, she was an intern in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Multilateral Directorate for Development, Economics, and Environment in 2014. She passes various stages of selections for about 1 year. From the administration test, language skill and knowledge test, until the interview.

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This country has never crossed her mind. It's just that the results of the entrance examination require Ummul to be placed in Fiji."I want to be an expert in the field of Sustainable Development, both related to tourism and economics and the environment.It can be found in Fiji as a Hub of Pacific which rich of panoramas," explained the woman who was active in the Student Activity Unit of the Scientific Discussion Forum (FDI).

Furthermore, she also shares some tips for the fresh graduate who wants to work in the foreign ministry. For her, the most important thing is, never give up and make more plans and strategies. “We have to know what skill do we have. Commitment and will, is the key to the goal, in becoming KBRI Suva.” Said Ummul. (joh)



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