An Alumnus of UMM Guiding Children in Lampung to Seize Their Dreams

Author : Humas | Tuesday, November 27, 2018 12:05 WIB
Akbar tengah mengajari anak-anak keterampilan. (Foto: Istimewa)

 Everybody has a dream. Every child deserves to fight for what they want to become regardless which family they belong or no matter where they are from. In Pagar Dewa village, Pagar Dewa district, West Tulang Bawang, Lampung Province, for the children here, no day without studying. They study every day to make their dreams come true.


Andi Akbar Tanjung, an alumnus of English Education study program, University of Muhammadiyah Malang has been teaching the students at State Primary School 01 Pagar Dewa for almost a year. Since 2017, Akbar started his journey to teach there.


His story was filmed on program Lentera Indonesia- Cerita dari Pagar Dewa (A Dream Story from Pagar Dewa) on NET TV and was aired on Saturday, November 24th, 2018. It is a documenter program lifting up about social movement conducted by individual or group in order to make a better change for many people. The replay can be watched on YouTube Net Documentary.

Akbar started his story, “When I was in junior high school, I read a story about a young teacher who joined a program called Indonesia Mengajar. Then, something came into my mind, I could join that too”.


He had to convince himself that this is the thing that he wanted to do. Then, he took education program for his undergraduate study. He applied for Indonesia Pengajar program, but unfortunately he got rejected. He did not give up somehow. This second son of five siblings who was born in Makasar, tried to apply to be a volunteer for Tulang Bawang Bawang Cerdas (Tubaba Cerdas program). Finally, in November 2017, Akbar stepped his feet to Pagar Dewa village. “I came here in November last year. Anyway, I never imagined that I would be here among these unique people”.


He found problems related to education which is very complex. He felt like he could not do many things in the school where he is teaching. He needed a solution to solve all of those problems. Then, during that difficult time, he approached parents, teachers, and the students. He had a funny story to tell. At first, he was confused why there was no flag ceremony on Monday at school. Then, he urged all students and teachers to hold a flag ceremony to build students’ characters and to respect the nation. “There was no flag ceremony at the first time I came here. Now, I thank God because there are 3 teachers who are willing to hold it every Monday”.


Another problem he found is, he found out that the third grade students still could not read. He should find a way somehow. He taught them to read and asked them to learn how to read in one of students’ house. “I ask them to gather in their friends’ house, then I teach them reading”.

Nothing he does is in vain. Many of students of his who are in grade 5 are finally able to read. Akbar realized that the reason why they could not read because of the lack of facilities that support their needs. “I thank God because at the end of my service, most of them are able to read”.


Not only teaching them to read, Akbar also teaches them about kinds of occupations that they may want to become when they grow up. According to Akbar, the circumstances in the village do not support the children’s growth. They do not have choices in choosing what profession they want to be. After graduate from primary school, they become farmers instead of going to high school to continue their study. “Their knowledge about ideals and occupations is very limited”.

Teacher Day on November 25, Akbar hopes that children in Pagar Dewa meet teachers who sincerely teach them and the teachers in remote areas never give up to teach and educate their students. (lus)



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