UMM Art and Cultural Performance Involves UMKM

Author : Humas | Saturday, May 30, 2015 15:31 WIB
APPRECIATING CULTURE: One of UMM staffs participates the Maksidaya performances, Friday (29/5)

THE NIGHT of Art and Culture Expression (Maksidaya) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has entered the new episode. The art-culture performance which  is held to celebrate the 76th Graduation term II 2015 is not only participated by internal of UMM, but also Small to Medium Enterprises (UMKM) around campus.

“We empower them by providing place to promote their enterprises in this event,” said the Chief Committee, Rahmat Pulung Sudibyo S.Sp, MP. According to him, the event which is held once in three months on Friday has drawn public’s attention to support the Maksidaya.

The Head of Culture Institution (LK) UMM, Dr. Tri Sulistyaningsih, M.Si informed that the determination of the theme “The Cultural Awakening Reflects The Nation Awakening” of Maksidaya on this Friday night (29/05) aims to describe that leading culture reflects leading nation. “Culture is reflection, mirror of life. The more well-preserved a culture is, the better civilization of a nation will be,” she said.

There are lots of Student’s Activities Units (UKM) participated in this event, such as Ikabama, Student Choir (PSM) Gita Surya, Kine Klub cinematography, Lentera Fine Art, and Focus Photography. In addition, there were also Sumbawa organization, traditional dances by UMM staff, and Stand Up Comedy performance by the Dean of Law Faculty UMM. There was also music performance by Muhammadiyah 1 High School Malang. This event held on UMM Helipad.

Tri expected that this event helps to sustain culture as the symbol of the richness of art, intellectual, and spiritual among civitas academica of UMM. “This is also to celebrate the graduation, so Maksidaya is like a reaping ceremony of UMM students’ graduation”, she said.

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector III, Dr. Diah Karmiyati, P.Si stated her support toward Maksidaya. According to her, Maksidaya is a good way to provide space for UMM and society in expressing the national art and culture. “This can improve creativity and provide people of UMM chance to distribute their interest, art talent, and cultural internalization,” she said. (zul/han/nas/t_far)



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