At The End of This Yea, UMM is Going to Have Football Academy

Author : Humas | Monday, August 27, 2018 15:22 WIB

Haris Tofli, the coach of Student Activity Unit UMM FC

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) provides quality sports facilities. UMM also becomes training center for Arema FC. Haris Tofli, the coach of Student Unit activity UMM FC revealed that there are many proposals from many football academies in Malang to use UMM Stadium. “There are many proposals to use UMM Stadium because it is a perfect place for training and large enough indeed”.

Currently, after focusing on revitalization of UMM Football School, UMM is starting to change it into Football Academy. This is UMM’s effort to maximize the skills of football players of both UMM FC and Football School, so they always perform better. Haris said, “The achievements achieved by UMM Football School are beyond expectation. SO, we need to change it into an academy”.

There are some differences between football school and football academy. An academy is formal education institution that organizes sports education. It also has its own teaching and learning design. Supporting facilities must be provided to support teaching and learning process in the academy. Considering these things, Haris admitted that UMM is more than ready to build a football academy and the university fully supports this plan. “UMM is ready to build an academy because we have swimming pool, gym center, and stadium”.

The Head of Sport and Youth Improvement Agency of Malang (Dispora) Eko Budi Hartoyo, said he is optimistic that UMM Academy will educate and train football players who has high quality skill in football in Indonesia. “I fully support UMM to educate and train potential football players”.

According to the plan, UMM Football Academy will be inaugurated at the end of this year and is expected that many skillful football player will be born through this Academy. (lus)



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